Woman stripped and beaten in public

Woman stripped and beaten in public

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- A woman, regarded by a group of woman, as having stolen somebody’s husband, received savage beating.

- The incident happened in public, right on the street, with the woman trying vainly to defend herself from her attackers.

- Her attackers were able to expose some of her private parts, but she was fortunate enough to have been able to hang on to her shorts

A Chinese woman was captured on video in probably one of the most humiliating moments of her life. She was accused of stealing someone else’s husband, which made people so angry, she was stripped and beaten right in the middle of the street.

The thugs responsible for the savage beating were also women. One woman was trying to take her shirt off while another was pulling at her hair. Somebody was also seen hitting her face.

Although the poor Chinese woman was trying to cover herself up, one successfully pulled a part of her shirt, rendering her right breast exposed to the feasting eyes of people surrounding them. She screamed and made futile attempts to ward off her attackers, desperately hanging on and preventing them from removing her shirt completely.

Woman stripped and beaten in public
A woman accused of stealing somebody's husband got beaten up and stripped in public (Photo from dailymail.co.uk)

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The attack only came to a partial halt when a man stepped in to break the attackers off her. The man wearing trousers did his best to stop the vicious beating. However, his efforts were still not enough to completely restrain the attackers. The poor defenseless woman was still kicked on the head as she sat on the ground.

Probably still not satisfied with the outcome, another pulled her hair and landed several punches on her face. It can be seen on the video that her face looked very red and swollen.

The woman must have no longer the strength to fight off or even defend herself as she just sat on the ground, helpless and powerless, and covered her head in her hands.

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Even after the vicious beating, there was no succeeding report as to what happened to the woman and to her attackers. Chinese culture has always considered men as more superior than women and it’s not a huge wonder if nothing was done to avenge and give justice to the battered woman. - SD, Kami Media

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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