LOOK: Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos fight, FAKE?

LOOK: Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos fight, FAKE?

Someone made a conspiracy theory that the upcoming fight between Baron Geisler versus Kiko Matos is fake!

We’ve all heard the news that Baron Geisler attacked a film student a few weeks ago for not giving him the script ahead of time. In retaliation the student posted the video online and it went immediately viral.

After that incident, Baron was involved in another fight with indie actor Kiko Matos at a bar. Kiko allegedly disrespected the waitress and Baron came in to confront the indie actor. The confrontation didn’t go well as seen in a new viral video.

Now, the two are willing to settle their fight in an actual cage match.

Facebook User Juan Jose Joseph isn’t buying the whole thing and gives his “25 centavos: CONSPIRACY THEORY” on this Baron-Kiko fight.

According to him he does not believe the fight between Baron and the UP student to be true. He criticized the student for being a film major and “yet (his team) shoots VERTICAL VIDEO (only grandparents and children do that) where the fight is abruptly cut.”

Now... we have an Indie actor (Si Kiko) in the fray. Med took the video - asides from being a musician Medmessiah is also a cinematographer! Hahaha,” he added.

He theorizes that what’s happening now is an “INDIE FILM.”

The conspiracy theorist said, “The movie is a social experiment about stereotyping in Social Media. Even the URCC is in it - as the league themselves promote licensed fighters - isn't it funny how they can just throw in "celebs" to settle their fight in the ring? Weird right? Aren't there regulations? There are videos now circulating of Baron training for the fight - awesome!

What sets this movie apart, according to him, is “the segment where they show OUR (social media) comments/posts/media reaction. We're in the movie!!!”

LOOK: Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos fight, FAKE?
(L) Kiko Matos, (R) Baron Geisler

He believes that this project will run for approximately 2-3 months.

Juan congratulates Baron and his team for “fooling us.”

At the end of his post, he has a caveat that he “could be wrong… But what if I’m right?”

Do you believe in his conspiracy theory? Are Baron and his team really fooling us?


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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