Cassy Legaspi, nataranta at naluha sa prank ni Darren Espanto: “Thank you for giving me a heart attack”

Cassy Legaspi, nataranta at naluha sa prank ni Darren Espanto: “Thank you for giving me a heart attack”

- Cassy Legaspi said she was truly panicking and almost suffered a heart attack after being pranked by Darren Espanto and their common friend, AC Bonifacio

- Earlier, Darren, who is in Canada right now, and AC agreed to prank Cassy, telling her that the singer “was rushed,” though not saying where to

- The only daughter of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi panicked to the point that she was already shaking and on the verge of tears

- In the end, the two admitted they were just pranking her, prompting Cassy to jokingly tell them she hates the two

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The prank that Darren Espanto and AC Bonifacio appeared so real that Cassy Legaspi said she was panicking to the point that she almost had a heart attack.

Cassy Legaspi, nataranta at naluha sa prank ni Darren Espanto: “Thank you for giving me a heart attack”
Photo: Cassy Legaspi (@cassy)
Source: Instagram

Cassy, who was on the verge of tears while the prank was ongoing, was filled with worry for Darren on hearing that the singer was “rushed,” which the actress took to mean brought to the hospital.

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Earlier, Darren called up AC to talk about pranking Cassy in a call.

AC then asked the singer what to tell Cassy, then suggested she will ask the actress if she knew what happened to Darren.

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“What shall I say? I'll say somehing about you. I'll say, 'Did you know what happened to Darren?” AC said.

Darren then told AC to just say the singer was rushed, but not to make it sound like a hospital because both knew Cassy would really worry, which is why they don’t want to include “hospital” in their script.

“Just say he was rushed. But not like to the hospital,” the singer suggested.

AC then called Cassy then asked her if she already knew what happened to Darren.

“Did you hear what happened to Darren? He was rushed! Did he not tell you? He called me just now,” AC said.

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On the livestream video of AC and Darren, they appeared to have difficulty in holding back their laughter while Cassy was beginning to worry on the phone.

“Okay, I'm lost. What do you mean? What's happening? Where is he?” Cassy asked.

AC then repeated what she told Cassy earlier, about Darren being rushed.

“Oh my God. Sh*t. I'm panicking. We were texting kaninang-kanina pa. Okay... Oh my god. Okay... Oh my god, I'm panicking. "I wanna do something, but he's all the way in Canada,” Cassy said.

The young actress then said she’s shaking and thought about texting Lynelle, the sister of Darren.

“Oh my god. I'm shaking. Maybe I should... I can text Lynelle. Oh my god, I'm panicking. What do you mean he's rushed? That's it, he just ended the call? Oh my God. Okay, maybe... I'll text Lynelle. He didn't say anything? He just said he was being rushed?” Cassy, who sounded on the verge of tears, said on the phone.

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At this point, Darren interjected and said they’re being rushed in their livestream. AC then said “I love you” to her friend in an apologetic manner.

“No, Cass. We're being rushed sa livestream,” Darren said.

Even though she already heard the voice of Darren, she admitted getting spooked by the news, which she now realizes to be a prank.

“Dude, I'm shaking. My hands are shaking. I hate you. I'm tearing off. Thank you for giving me a heart attack. Ang saya ko,” Cassy said.

Maria Cassandra Villaroel Legaspi, better known as Cassy Legaspi, is a Pinay actress, model, and endorser. She was born on January 6, 2001 to actress Carmina Villarroel and actor Zoren Legaspi in Los Angeles, California, in the US. She has a twin brother named Maverick “Mavy” Legaspi. Cassy is also known for her many ice cream commercials along with her family. The actress is among the mainstay celebrities of All-Out Sundays.

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Recently, Cassy and Joaquin Domagoso were caught on camera to be quite sweet off-cam. Cai Cortez, one of the cast of First Yaya, was taking some footage at the set when Cassy and Joaquin were "captured." The daughter of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi, and the son of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno seemed to be hitting it off. Joaquin and Cass immediately "separated" but it did not conceal how they were holding hands earlier.

Cassy also bared in an interview that she’s more than ready to live separately from her parents, Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi. The young actress revealed this while being interviewed in relation to her new task of being the new Palmolive girl. Cassy said she has started to share in paying for some of their household bills through her earnings. The new Palmolive girl also disclosed that she wanted to have her own transportation out of her own money.


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