The Killer Bride season one: summary, ending explained, things you missed, episodes, cast

The Killer Bride season one: summary, ending explained, things you missed, episodes, cast

What is more than appealing to a viewer is the unique storyline and surprising plot twists of a particular series – and these are what The Killer Bride has given its avid viewers. The romance-thriller series had drawn so much attention from many people. Aside from the award-winning casts that portray each character powerfully, the revelation and backstory of each character piqued the curiosity of the viewers.

The Killer Bride season one: summary, ending explained, things you missed, episodes, cast
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The show tells the story of a girl named Emma (Janella Salvador) who moves to a town and becomes possessed by the vengeful ghost of a bride, Camila (Maja Salvador), who was accused of murder 18 years before. Episodes after episode, people just can’t stop and wait for the unraveling of the story. Each episode is a great build-up for the next ones.

The Killer Bride full story

Las Espadas is a town steeped in local legends and superstitious culture. One of its popular folklore is that of the Killer Bride. Many residents have stories of encountering Camila dela Torre, wearing her blood-spattered wedding gown, wandering the town seeking revenge on the persons who framed her for a murder she didn't commit, which lead to her death.

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Arrested at the murder scene, Camila is tried and convicted in 1999 and is eventually shunned by her own wealthy, prominent family and fiancé Vito dela Cuesta, who testifies against her. Despite her proclamation of innocence, she is sentenced to life imprisonment. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in prison, a sudden freak fire encompasses the entire prison facility.

Eighteen years pass, and urban legend fuses into reality as a group of teenagers again tell the story of Camila. Playfully, they claim that on the day of the blood moon eclipse, the ghost of Camila will possess a new body and kickstart her vow for revenge.

As if fulfilling the prophecy, a girl from nowhere, Emma Bonaobra moves to the town. Securing a job as the town's mortuary cosmetologist, she is told of the tale of The Killer Bride but disbelieves it. Emma wakes up possessed, gatecrashing her family's grand party event claiming that she is the long-dead Camila.

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When everyone thought that the killer bride is possessing Emma, another revelation unfold – Camila is alive.

The two, it was revealed, have long been scheming to terrorize the rival families whom Camila believes are responsible for her apparent death in a jail fire, as well as the tragic events leading up to it. To hatch her vengeful plan successfully, Camila sought to maintain the illusion of her death, with the possessed Emma as her accomplice.

The latter part of the series focuses on revealing the back story and real identity of some of the characters, leading the development to who the real killer bride is and who is Camila's real daughter.

The Killer Bride ending

The Killer Bride finale was full of twist and turns which satisfied its viewers. It was also a bitter-sweet ending as Camila died and was not able to spend her life with her child. Emma manages to resist being possessed by the vengeful Camila, saying her soul will never be at peace if she keeps killing those who wronged her, including Alice. Camila says she can’t possibly rest, without finding her daughter, Vida.

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Surprised, Camila finds out that Emma is Vida all along. Vito’s investigation bore fruit, establishing Emma as their long-lost daughter. The revelation allows Camila’s soul to depart in peace, but only after expressing regret she spent so much of her time with Emma focused on vengeance, and after asking Vito to start anew with their daughter.

The Killer Bride
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In a vision guided by Camila, Iking is made aware of the real story behind the legend that has long divided Las Espadas between the dela Torres and the dela Cuestas. Contrary to the rumor that was passed on as fact through generations, Armando dela Cuesta played no part in the assault of Belinda dela Torre. The two were, in fact, lovers — a revelation that helped mend ties between the current generation of their kin.

The Killer Bride
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Emma, now both a dela Torre and a dela Cuesta, becomes a solid bond between the political clans. Despite losing both the parents, she grew up with — Camila and Fabio — she has a bigger family than ever.

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The Killer Bride
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Elias and Emma became a couple and no one is against their relationship anymore.

The Killer Bride
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Camila and Fabio witnessed Emma’s happy ending before they appear to depart peacefully, hinting at their happy ending in the afterlife.

The Killer Bride
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If you are curious about the series or is just missing it, you can start binge-watching it on YouTube. Below are the complete The Killer Bride episodes and titles.

  1. First Dance
  2. First Blood
  3. First Curse
  4. First Meet
  5. First Encounter
  6. Gone Viral
  7. Bride Fishing
  8. Bride Bullying
  9. Blame Game
  10. Power Tripping
  11. First Victim
  12. SOS
  13. Face of Fear
  14. Showtime
  15. Revenger Squad
  16. In Your Area
  17. Training Ground
  18. Warning
  19. Calling
  20. Shookt
  21. Dig Dig Dig
  22. Pa-victim
  23. Oh My G
  24. Triggered
  25. Pain Game
  26. Attack
  27. In A Snap
  28. Abduction
  29. Run for Life
  30. Conspiracy
  31. No More Lies
  32. Reality Strikes
  33. Unveiling
  34. Come Out
  35. Nightmares
  36. Escape
  37. Payback
  38. Freak Out
  39. Off Limits
  40. Threatened
  41. Kill This Love
  42. Saving Emma
  43. Unplanned
  44. Beast Mode
  45. Obstruction
  46. Nostalgia
  47. Great Pretender
  48. Bloodshed
  49. Mourning
  50. Panic
  51. Hunting
  52. Own Justice
  53. Death Stroke
  54. Downfall
  55. Death Row
  56. Backtrack
  57. Backlash
  58. Rush Hour
  59. Face of the Past
  60. Rise from Dead
  61. Hide and Seek
  62. Vito vs Fabio
  63. Face-Off
  64. Living Curse
  65. Trapped
  66. Unfolding
  67. Ride or Die
  68. Poisonous Truth
  69. Proof
  70. Exposé
  71. Unstoppable
  72. Clash
  73. Killer Takes All
  74. Killer Truth
  75. Resurrection
  76. Blackout
  77. Vulnerable
  78. Homecoming
  79. Guilt Kill
  80. Judgment
  81. Rivalry
  82. Dark Secret
  83. DilEMMA
  84. Trust and Lies
  85. True Vida
  86. Take Back
  87. Suspicion
  88. Serial Killer
  89. Next in Line
  90. Friday the 13th
  91. The Killer Bride vs. Killer Groom
  92. Confrontation
  93. Vengeance
  94. Killer Facts
  95. Price to Pay
  96. Choose Only One
  97. Noche Bomba
  98. The Killer Bride is Coming to Town
  99. Terrified
  100. Scared to Death
  101. Bloody Torture
  102. Bloody Countdown
  103. Bloody New Year
  104. Bloody Angry
  105. Bloody Caution
  106. Deadly Secret
  107. Deadly Cover Up
  108. Deadly Offer
  109. Deadly Match
  110. Deadly End
  111. Killer Fate
  112. Killer Return
  113. Killer Ghost
  114. Ultimate Attack
  115. Killer Finale

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The Killer Bride cast plays a huge role in the success of the TV series. Everyone had given their best to portray their character significantly.

The Maja Salvador and Janella Salvador tandem, not to mention their love interests in the series, and also the combination of veteran and new actors and actresses is pure genius.

  • Maja Salvador as Camila dela Torre
The Killer Bride
Image:, @iammajasalvador
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  • Janella Salvador as Emma Bonaobra/Vida
The Killer Bride
Image:, @superjanella
Source: Instagram
  • Joshua Garcia as Elias Sanchez
The Killer Bride
Image:, @garciajoshuae
Source: Instagram
  • Geoff Eigenmann as Vito dela Cuesta
The Killer Bride
Image:, @g_eigenmann
Source: Instagram
  • Miko Raval as Fabio Serrano / Edmundo
The Killer Bride
Image:, @mikoraval
Source: Instagram
  • Alexa Ilacad as Luna dela Cuesta
The Killer Bride
Image:, @alexailacad
Source: Instagram
  • Lara Quigaman as Alice Montero-dela Torre / Belladonna
The Killer Bride
Image:, @laraquigaman
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  • James Blanco as Mayor Juan Felipe dela Torre
The Killer Bride
Image:, @jamesblancocastillo
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  • Ariella Arida as Tatiana dela Torre
The Killer Bride
Image:, @araarida
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  • CrisVillanueva as Luciano dela Torre
The Killer Bride
Image:, @icrisvillanueva
Source: Instagram
  • Sam Concepcion as Mayor Luis dela Torre
The Killer Bride
Image:, @sam_concepcion
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  • Vivoree Esclito as Mildred Domaloy
The Killer Bride
Image:, @vivoree
Source: Instagram
  • CK Keiron as Mario Sandoval
The Killer Bride
Image:, @hashtag_ck
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  • Neil Coleta as Intoy Ilagan
The Killer Bride
Image:, @imcoletaneil
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  • Pepe Herrera as Iking Isip
The Killer Bride
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  • Pamu Pamorada as Tsoknat Tumulak

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The Killer Bride
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  • Malou de Guzman as Marichu "Manay Ichu" Sagrado
  • Jobelle Salvador as Antonia dela Cuesta
  • Aurora Sevilla as Guada dela Torre
  • Viveika Ravanes as Ornusa Lim
  • Mara Lopez as Agnes Dimaguiba / Agnes Sagrado
  • Keanna Reeves as Ingrid Sanchez
  • Loren Burgos as Tessa Cruz-dela Cuesta
  • Eric Nicolas as Aran Sanchez
  • Soliman Cruz as Andres "Manoy" del Pilar
  • Melizza Jimenez as Sonya Guerrero
  • Maricel Morales as Aurora Bonaobra
  • Manuel Chua as Matias Gonzales
  • Eddie Gutierrez as Jacobo dela Torre
  • Dominic Ochoa as Javier dela Cuesta

he Killer Bride is genuinely one of the most amazing TV series ever produced. It might have ended already, but it is now part of the television history – something that people could watch over and over again when they seem to miss it.

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