International school Manila 2020: a comprehensive list

International school Manila 2020: a comprehensive list

It takes a lot of deliberation for parents so they can be able to determine the best learning institutions for their kids. Different centers will employ different teaching approaches and curriculum. Thus, this will influence the lifelong learning of the student. Choosing an international school Manila will offer your child a unique edge.

International school manila
Source: UGC

When you take your child to international school Manila, you will enjoy exposure to new cultures, growth in personality, extracurricular activities, and diverse career opportunities. When searching for a good facility, you will encounter Chinese, German, American, Korean, and British international school Manila among others. Here is a list to check out and consider taking your child to.

1. Brent International School Manila

This institution brings together people from different cultures, abilities, and faith. It aims to develop the students into responsible and global citizens.

  • Curriculum: IB
  • Ages: 3-18.

2. Nord Anglia International School Manila

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nord anglia international school manila
Image:, @Nord Anglia International School Manila
Source: UGC

The global campus understands that learning goes beyond the classroom and offers kids challenges and activities. The institute connects students from all around the world by broadening the knowledge and nurturing transferable skills.

  • Curriculum: British
  • Ages: 2-16

3. Australian International School Manila

The institution is known to offer a nurturing environment for students. The facility is known to instill potential and develop international connectedness.

  • Curriculum: Australian
  • Ages: 3-18

4. Chinese International School Manila

The facility is student-oriented and has a strong academic root. It also offers various co-curricular activities. It has a small size class that allows students to get individual attention.

  • Curriculum: IB
  • Ages: 3-18

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5. European International School Manila

The facility has a state of art infrastructure and a well-equipped science room. The staffs who work in the facility are qualified and experienced and offer individual support to each child.

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  • Curriculum: IB, German, British
  • Ages: 4-18

6. Mahatma Gandhi International School Manila

The institution is known for its progressive education. It is known to provide quality education for the local and international levels. The institution also strives to keep up with the latest trends in offering quality education.

  • Curriculum: IGCSE
  • Ages: 3-19

7. Singapore International School Manila

singapore international school manila
Image:, @Singapore International School - SIS
Source: UGC

The center is known to offer a high standard of education. It trains the students to do higher learning and prepares them for a world that is rapidly changing.

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  • Curriculum: British IB
  • Ages: 4-18

8. Maxwell International School Manila

This teaching facility is a high school. It focuses both on books and extra curriculum activities. It is the right place for nurturing students' talents.

  • Curriculum: Canadian
  • Ages: 13-18

9. Eton International School Manila

The school offers a 3D style of learning. They offer an education system that is continuous, applicable, and adaptive. Eton international school Manila tuition fee depends on the class your child will be joining.

  • Curriculum: International and Middle years
  • Ages: 3-18

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10. Aguinaldo International School Manila

The center focuses on academically brilliant students. It offers a nurturing environment and personalized training to ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

  • Curriculum: International
  • Ages: 5-18

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11. Japanese International School Manila

The training center mainly caters to the needs of Japanese Students. It offers the same environment, similar to those in Japan.

  • Curriculum: Japanese
  • Ages: 6 and above

12. Canadian International School Manila

canadian international school manila
Image:, @Canadian International School
Source: UGC

The school enjoys the uniqueness of each child. It is a training center that nurtures different abilities and skills. The school provides individualized training to meet the unique needs of your child.

  • Curriculum: North American hybrid STEAM
  • Ages: 2-18

13. Korean International School Manila

The center operates under Korean law. This training facility aims to cater to the Korean students within the region.

  • Curriculum: Korean
  • Ages: 3-18

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14. Reedley International School Manila

The training facility does not only focus on grades but also making the children happy. It has various programs for children and is known to offer a nurturing environment.

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  • Curriculum: American, Filipino, and Singaporean
  • Ages: 4-18

15. Greatstart International School Manila

For diversity, support, and quality education, then Greatstart is the right place. The school is known to have updated methods to teach the child so that they can keep up with the latest trends.

  • Curriculum: American
  • Age: 3-13

The type of education you offer your child will affect the future they have. It is paramount to take the time to review the school you are considering and the type of curriculum they offer. Choosing the right school will give your child a head start they need.

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