Project Glow Up, bibigyan ng P100k ang lalaking kumasa sa prank ng takoyaki shop

Project Glow Up, bibigyan ng P100k ang lalaking kumasa sa prank ng takoyaki shop

- Project Glow Up, a local brand, is giving away P100k to Ramil Albano

- Ramil, is said to be the man who got a tattoo on his forehead after falling for a prank made by a takoyaki store

- On Facebook, photos of Ramil with his tattoo was posted online and went sensational among netizens

- This, in return, prompted local brands to help the man after he fell for an April Fool's Prank

Project Glow Up, a local brand in the Philippines, is giving away Php 100,000 to Ramil Albano, who fell for a prank that was made by a takoyaki store.

Earlier, photos of a man getting a tattoo on his forehead after taking up the prank 'challenge' of a local takoyaki store, went viral on social media.

Project Glow Up, bibigyan ng P100k ang lalaking kumasa sa prank ng takoyaki shop
Photos: Project Glow Up on Facebook
Source: Instagram

Following this news, local brands in the Philippines chimed in to help the man, saying he is the real winner of the said prank of the takoyaki store.

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On the official Facebook page of Project Glow Up, they posted a photo containing details about the Php 100,000 they plan to give away to Ramil Albano.

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In their online post, Project Glow Up clarified that this was in no way a prank and that they actually plan to give the money to Sir Ramil Albano.

"THIS IS NOT A PRANK. To Sir Ramil Albano, this is not an April Fool’s prank. We will be giving you P100,000 for being dedicated in taking up the challenge full-heartedly! You are the winner for us!" they wrote.

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