Ogie Diaz, inisa-isa ang hirap ng pag-manage ng talents: "Akala n'yo madali"

Ogie Diaz, inisa-isa ang hirap ng pag-manage ng talents: "Akala n'yo madali"

- Ogie Diaz took to Facebook and shared the difficulties that managers go through in managing talents

- He said that one is not simply a manager, but also a mother, a sibling, and friend

- Those who think that managers simply take their commission are really wrong because no talent becomes "sikat" immediately the week after

- Ogie then said that if that is the case and people believe they know better than their managers, then perhaps it is best that they become managers as well

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Ogie Diaz took to Facebook and enumerated the pains that managers go through.

Ogie Diaz
Photo: Ogie Diaz (@ogie.diaz.5)
Source: Instagram

He said that it is very difficult and compared it to being pregnant.

The manager said that while one is still growing a child in the womb, one is already thinking of the talent's future.

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"Akala n’yo, madaling mag-manage ng talents? Ay, hindi po. Apakahirap. Para kang buntis. Binubuo mo pa lang sa iyong sinapupunan, iniisip mo na ang future niya."

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He also said that as a manager, one also becomes a parent and a friend, and the guidance that one gives is without commission.

If talents encounter trouble outside and the manager is needed, one simply needs to go with them and even become their troubleshooter.

"Hindi ka lang basta manager — nanay, tatay, kapatid, kaibigan ka din nila. Ibig sabihin, pati personal nilang buhay, kailangan mong gabayan — nang walang komisyon. Nang labas na sa trabaho mo bilang talent manager."

He said that it is wrong to think that managers would just take and take their commission.

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"Hoy, ano’ng feeling nyo? Kakakilala ko lang sa talent ngayon, gusto nyo, sikat na siya next week?"

As for those who think they know better, Ogie has something to say.

"Eh, kung ganun pala gusto nyo at marunong pa kayo sa manager, ba’t hindi kayo ang mag-manage? Ang dami nyo palang alam, eh."
Ogie Diaz
Photo: Ogie Diaz (@ogie.diaz.5)
Source: Facebook

Roger Diaz Pandaan or Ogie Diaz, is an actor, comedian, entertainment reporter, and talent manager. He was known as “Pekto” in the popular TV sitcom, “Palibhasa Lalaki.” He is also the man behind the YouTube channel “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update.”

Ogie Diaz took to Twitter and shared his thoughts on those who are actually waging war online. He said that for him, those who often take their battles online are simply trying to catch attention. In addition to trying to catch attention, these people simply want to go viral. The last notion that he has about these kinds of people was that they simply want to earn money.

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