Erik Matti accuses John Arcilla of gaslighting him; actor apologizes & defends himself

Erik Matti accuses John Arcilla of gaslighting him; actor apologizes & defends himself

- John Arcilla has now been accused by director Erik Matti of trying to gaslight him

- Their conflict began when Erik slammed John on Instagram for not mentioning the title of their movie in his post about the Senate recognition of his international best actor award

- Erik also accused John of doing damage control and of having a different tone between his social media posts and his private messages to him

- As for John, he apologized again to Erik for offending him and offered a clarification about their misunderstanding

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Erik Matti once again slammed actor John Arcilla on his social media account. The filmmaker first criticized John days ago for not mentioning their movie ‘On The Job: The Missing 8’ in his Instagram post — which was about being recognized by the Senate for winning the Best Actor award at the 2021 Venice Film Festival for his role as Sisoy Salas on the said movie.

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John responded by showing clips of him thanking Erik and saying that they are friends and a team.

Erik Matti, John Arcilla and Dennis Trillo @erikmatti
Erik Matti, John Arcilla and Dennis Trillo @erikmatti
Source: Instagram

However, Erik has now accused John of gaslighting him, adding that he felt insulted by the actor’s seemingly sarcastic posts thanking him. He also accused John of only posting about him for damage control and of having a different tone between his social media posts and his private messages to him.

Furthermore, the director said that his issue is not about his name not being mentioned in the post, but rather the title of the movie not being mentioned. Erik expressed his hope that John would learn that the movie is about the entire team of people who worked on the film and not just the lead actor and the director.

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“Hi @johnarcilla . Please stop gaslighting me in your private messages making me feel like I overreacted on your deliberate remiss to mention our film On The Job: The Missing 8 that gave you the Volpi Cup in the Venice Film Festival.

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“Your constant posts mentioning me in gratitude for the award over and over again already feels like a sarcastic insulting mention (even if you probably mean it by heart), as if my issue is that I needed you to recognize and thank me in your posts, which is not really the whole point of why I called you out. I don’t need you to thank me. Stop patronizing me. Your performance is yours. Thank the movie that made it possible to give you the chance to bring Sisoy Salas to life.
“Let’s move on from this. And I mean move on from this. As in, now. Your social media posts are different ftom your private messages to me. Stop posting just for damage control.
“I just wanted you to realize that every piece of recognition and accolade we get in the work we do is really done by a team of hardworking staff and crew that made it possible. That your Volpi Cup is not just about you and your talent. That in a lousy movie without the blood sweat and tears of talented and skilled filmmakers, John Arcillla’s performance will not be recognized.

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“I hope that with this, you start to realize that anything we get out of the movies we make, no matter how talented we are, is really not just about us but because of the hardwork of everyone involved in the making of it.
“You are not the film. I am not the film. A film is the sum of everyone working on it not just you and me. This ends now,” Erik wrote.

On his Instagram account, John defended himself from Erik’s new post. John said that Erik misunderstood what happened. According to John, he planned to upload three posts over the course of three days. The first day was supposed to be a post for the senators, the second day was for the gift givers, and the third day was supposed to be the content of the Senate resolution which mentions the title of their movie. As for his appearance at the Senate, John clarified that the title of the movie was mentioned and that it is common knowledge already that he won the international award for the “On the Job” sequel.

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John also agreed with Erik that the movie is more than the lead actor. Nevertheless, John apologized again to Erik for offending him.

“It was not a speech. It was a post. The film was mentioned in the senate televised. Then it was on the news that night. So it is already a common knowledge that the Volpi cup is On the Job the Missing 8, Erik Matti and me, and long before even the Senate Resolution was made.
“Since it is already a common knowledge. The first post is to thank the authors of the resolution. The honorable senators. and I apologized to you at once @erikmatti on my text personally. I even said “mea culpa” even if the plan was to have a three day installation of posts, that could easily be mistaken as an alibi now.
“The second day will be thanking the gift givers. And third day is to post the RESOLUTION itself and that means we and the film are all mentioned in the Resolution and definitely everything will be on the caption.

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“I did not post these reasons because I wish things to sink in first. But it seems not.
“The pictures of friendship is for you and our colleagues to realize we have a good relationship, were not even enemies and we can actually talk about things like friends, colleagues or at least a team because thats how I see us. Why are we exchanging words on social media?
“The repost of speeches is to remind you Direk and everyone that I never failed to recognize the Film which means the issue about the post is totally UNINTENTIONAL and a result of misunderstanding.
“I apologize once again. And yes, I am not the Film and You are not the Film It is not even the Producer’s, the crew or the production staff per se, we do it to live literally and purposely to dream for a better life.
“We create films and we tell stories to make this world a friendlier and a better place even if its too IDEAL, we still wish it to be, where friendships and forgiveness are more valuable than anything, unless someone commited a crime or a mortal sin.

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“I am so sorry for this. It was not my intention but since you were offended Direk Erik, again I will apologize here on social media even if I already Apologized personally on our thread. I also end it here,” John posted.

John Arcilla, whose full name is Romeo Gonzales Arcilla, is an acclaimed actor and environmentalist from the Philippines. He is best known for playing the lead role of Antonio Luna in the historical drama, 'Heneral Luna'. John won the Best Actor Award at the 78th Venice Film Festival for his lead role in the film ‘On the Job: The Missing 8.’

The actor went viral after he opened up about the death of his father, Dominador Arcilla, at the age of 86. The actor clarified that his beloved father did not die because of COVID-19. He stated that the lockdown made his father’s death even more painful because he and his siblings were not able to bury their father since he died in Baler.

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KAMI also reported that John, who plays the main antagonist, Renato Hipolito, in the action drama series, 'FPJ's Ang Probinsyano' recently answered some questions regarding the teleserye. One of the questions the actor addressed was a popular comment about how people never run out of bullets in the series.

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