Xian Lim, shinare post ukol sa di paghingi ng atensyon: “Control your emotions”

Xian Lim, shinare post ukol sa di paghingi ng atensyon: “Control your emotions”

- Xian Lim, in a recent post on social media, shared a video about not seeking attention, love or care

- The video also advised against trying to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk

- It also mentioned how a good person sometimes tends to prove their qualities to the wrong one

- The actor has been sharing similar videos and other cryptic posts, though it cannot be ascertained whether or not he is sending a message to someone

Xian Lim, in a recent post on his Instagram account, shared a video about controlling one’s emotions and never seeking attention, love, or care.

Xian Lim, shinare post ukol sa di paghingi ng atensyon: “Control your emotions”
Photo: Xian Lim
Source: Instagram

The video also discourages anyone from forcing someone to talk to them even if the person they’re trying to talk to doesn’t want to talk.

“Control your emotions and never beg for attention, love or care. If someone doesn't want to talk to you, don't force them. Because forced relationships don't last much longer,” the video post of Xian said.

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It then asked the viewer as to the reason why would anyone shatter their souls in exchange for temporary gain.

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The video also assured the viewer that there are times when a good person might prove their wonderful qualities to the wrong one.

“So why shatter your soul for temporary gain? Hold yourself together and distance yourself for the sake of your mental and emotional well-being,” the actor’s shared post said.
“You're a good person, you're just trying to prove it to the wrong one. The right one will never let you beg for anything. People don't neglect those they love,” it added.

Xian’s video post revealed that there are times when other people neglect a person because such an individual is no longer useful to them.

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“They neglect either because you are no longer useful to them or they don't want you to be the part of their life. Don't ever forget that,” the post of the actor said.

It then encourages everyone to be strong and to value their sanity, as well as avoid painting a different picture of people who neglect them.

“So be strong and value your sanity. Don't try to paint a different picture of them. After experiencing all the red flags,” Xian said.
Xian Lim, shinare post ukol sa di paghingi ng atensyon: “Control your emotions”
Screengrab from the post of Xian Lim on his Instagram Stories (@xianlimm)
Source: Instagram

Xian Lim is a Pinoy actor, singer, host, model, blogger, filmmaker, and professional basketball player. He used to be a contract artist of Star Magic until he signed a contract with Viva Artists Agency in January 2018, and he officially moved to GMA Network in 2022.

Recently, Xian liked and shared an Instagram post by JB Copeland about authenticity amid relationship news. The post emphasized the power of being true to oneself and exposing the truth. According to the quote, anything a person loses by being real is fake. The actor’s reaction and sharing of the post came weeks after confirming the end of his relationship with Kim Chiu.

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In another socmed post, Xian shared a quote card about what one should do to make oneself better. In the post the actor shared, it stated that one should just be the best thing that he or she can possibly be. It can be recalled that Xian has recently stirred a buzz on social media after a photo of him and Iris Lee, identified as a Viva Entertainment producer, made rounds on social media. The actor and his ex-girlfriend, ABS-CBN actress Kim Chiu, revealed on December 23 of last year that they had ended their almost 12 years of being together as a couple.

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