Maureen Wroblewitz bravely opens up about her acne breakouts

Maureen Wroblewitz bravely opens up about her acne breakouts

- Maureen Wroblewitz shared her acne struggles on Instagram, stemming from years of using birth control pills to manage irregular menstrual periods

- She began using the pills at 18 but stopped at 22 due to adverse effects on her mental health, including mood swings

- After discontinuing the pills, Maureen experienced worsening acne breakouts, especially after moving to Los Angeles

- Despite investing in skincare and monthly facials, finding effective solutions for her acne-prone skin remained an ongoing journey for Maureen

Model Maureen Wroblewitz recently took to Instagram to share her personal journey with acne breakouts following years of using birth control pills to manage irregular menstrual periods. The 23-year-old Filipino-German model revealed the side effects she experienced, particularly on her skin, after discontinuing the pills due to their impact on her mental health.

Maureen Wroblewitz bravely opens up about her acne breakouts @mauwrob
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Maureen explained that she began using birth control pills at the age of 18 to regulate her irregular periods, which often occurred twice a month and lasted for eight days each time. However, she encountered numerous side effects and had to experiment with different brands to find one that suited her. Among these side effects, she highlighted their adverse effects on her mood, prompting her decision to cease usage at the age of 22.

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Following her decision to stop using birth control pills, Maureen noticed a gradual increase in acne breakouts, which became more severe after relocating to Los Angeles. She attributed the worsening of her acne to various factors, including the climate, dietary changes, and stress levels.

Despite previously having clear skin, Maureen found herself struggling with cystic acne, which significantly impacted her confidence. She confessed to feeling self-conscious and reluctant to leave the house without makeup, often concealing her face with her hair to hide the breakouts, inadvertently exacerbating the condition.

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In her quest to manage her acne, she invested considerable time and resources in skincare products and treatments. However, it wasn't until she conducted thorough research on pore-clogging ingredients that she began to see improvement. While she acknowledged progress in finding suitable products for her acne-prone skin, she admitted that her journey to clear skin was ongoing.

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To maintain her skin health, Maureen disclosed that she undergoes monthly facials as part of her skincare routine. Despite the challenges she has faced, the model remains determined to find effective solutions for her skincare concerns and hopes that sharing her experience will help others facing similar struggles.

“I went on birth control for my irregular periods at 18 (l’d get heavy periods twice a month that would last 8 days).
“I had so many side effects and kept changing brands to look for one that worked for me.
“They especially affected my mood so I finally decided to completely stop at 22.
“A few months later I started getting more and more breakouts but they were pretty manageable until I moved to LA.
“I started getting cystic acne (climate, food and stress).
“l used to have the clearest skin. Even as a teenager, l’d get a pimple here and there, but my skin was mostly clear.

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“I didn’t want to leave the house without makeup.
“And even while wearing makeup I would hide my face with my hair, which, of course made it worse.
“I have since spent so much money on skin care and nothing worked until I started researching the products I used for pore-clogging ingredients.
“I think I’m finally finding products that work for my acne-prone skin but I’m still not completely there yet. I get facials every month for maintenance too.”

Maureen Wroblewitz is a Filipino-German model who gained prominence after winning the 2017 edition of “Asia’s Next Top Model.” She used to be in a relationship with popular music artist Juan Karlos Labajo until their breakup mid-year in 2022.

In another report, the beauty queen and model shared a TikTok video where she dubbed the lyrics of Miley Cyrus' song 'Flowers'. According to Maureen, she is in the healing stage from the trauma of her previous relationship. She said, that in a relationship that is open to the public, many don't know what's really going on. She also clarified in the comments section that the focus of her video is on her experience and not on her ex.

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Previously, she took to Instagram and greeted an unnamed person. She said happy birthday to the person who makes her feel like she is the luckiest girl in the world. The beauty queen also pointed out the great traits of the said person. She also said that the person's gentle love teaches her how she can love herself more every day.

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