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In a world where there are a lot of rising girl groups and boy bands, there is this one group that continues to shine like a diamond. We are talking about DIA, a South Korean girl group formed in the year 2015. DIA (band) members have brought light to the K-pop industry. DIA profile might help you to learn more exciting facts about the members of this renowned group.

DIA, meaning Do It Again, is also a shortened term for diamond (that pertains to the group's shining career). The group initially had ten members: Seunghee, Eunjin, Jenny, Eunice, Jueun, Huihyeon, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunchae, and Somyi. Unfortunately, three members left the group. Currently, there are only seven active members in the group. Do you want to know who the current DIA members are?

DIA profile summary

Below is everything you need to know about each member.


Facts about Huihyeon


Facts about Eunice


Facts about Jooeun


Facts about Yebin


Facts about Chaeyeon


Facts about Eunchae


Facts about Somyi

DIA sub-groups

In 2016, DIA was separated into two subgroups, named BinChaenHyunSeuS and L.U.B, releasing songs separately.

Here is the list of girls in each sub-group:


  1. Eunice
  2. Huihyeon
  3. Yebin
  4. Chaeyeon
  5. Somyi


  1. Jooeun
  2. Eunchae
  3. Eunjin (former member)
  4. Jenny (former member)

DIA discography

MBK Entertainment announced in February 2015 that they are planning to debut a new girl group through a survival show. The survival program's name is T-ara's Little Sister Girl Group. A few months after, they announced that the plan was canceled and decided to select the members internally.

The first three chosen members were Yebin, Eunice, and Jenny. The company then announced a line-up of six girls, including Huihyeon, Eunjin, and Chaeyeon. After some time, Seunghee was added before the DIA debut its self-titled studio album, Do It Amazing, in September 2015.

In 2016, Eunchae, a new member, was added. Sadly, in the same year, Seunghee decided to leave the group. Shortly after Seunghee left, DIA's first mini-album, Happy Ending, was released, with its lead single On the Road. In the same year, the group released a Harry Potter-themed album titled Spell, with Mr. Potter as the lead single. The album became a commercial success at that time.

It was in 2016 also that the group's sub-units were formed. In 2017, the group launched its second and third mini albums named YOLO and Love Generation, respectively. Unfortunately, after a year, Eunjin announced her departure from the group, because of health problems.

In 2019, MBK Entertainment confirmed both DIA's comeback and the single's production being handled by Shinsadong Tiger and marked their first release as seven without Jenny due to a knee injury.

The group was able to launch amazing K-pop songs. Here are some of them:

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Social media accounts

Here are DIA’s social media sites:

With all the details about the DIA profile mentioned above, we now understand why they are loved and supported by their fans. These multi-talented girls will surely shine the brightest as they continue their careers in the music industry.

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