Exciting facts about SF9 members

SF9 is a South Korean K-pop band consisting of young, handsome, and vibrant members. The group has been active from 2016. SF9 members are known for their melodious songs and spectacular performances whenever they rise to the stage. Unfortunately, not so many people know much about the boys, especially their age, real names, and other fun facts about them.

SF9 band is managed by FNC Entertainment. It is the first boy dance group to have ever been formed and managed by the entertainment company. Each member has been contributing equally to see the band rise to the top of other Korean boy bands. The names of the members are Youngbin, Zuho, Inseong, Rowoon, Taeyang, Dawon, Hwiyoung, Jaeyoon, and Chani.

SF9 meaning

SF9 is a short form of Sensation Feeling 9. Some people interpret the "9" in the name to symbolize length. In Chinese, nine can be equated to (久) character to signify longevity. It is the group’s desire to last for the longest time possible.

SF9 members profile summary

The list entails SF9 member’s ages, names, and other exciting details about each one of them:

1. Youngbin

Fun facts about Youngbin

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2. Zuho

Fun facts about Zuho

3. Inseong

Fun facts about Inseong

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4. Rowoon

Fun facts about Rowoon

5. Taeyang

Fun facts about Taeyang

6. Dawon

Fun facts about Dawon

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7. Hwiyoung

Fun facts about Hwiyoung

8. Jaeyoon

Fun facts about Jaeyoon

9. Chani

Exciting facts about Chani

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Quick facts about SF9 band

The following are vital facts about the SF9 Kpop group you might want to know as an addition to the members’ personal details:

SF9 debut

The band made a breakthrough on 5th October 2016 with an album titled Feeling Sensation.

SF9 logo

The logo comprises letters S, F, and number 9. There is no information on the public domain on what it symbolizes apart from longevity portrayed by the group's name.

SF9 songs

You can follow SF9 Twitter handle for more details about the members and their projects. For instance, you will learn more about its albums, such as SF9 Breaking Sensation (mid-album), Sensation Feeling Nine, Narcissus, Illuminate, RPM, First Collection and many others. Some of the songs under these albums are as follows:

We hope that this list of SF9 members has helped you to understand their likes and dislikes among many other critical facts. As you have noticed, most of them are multi-talented. It is for this reason that the band continues to shine in the Korean entertainment scene.

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