Billy Crawford bio: age, height, net worth, wife

Billy Crawford bio: age, height, net worth, wife

A talent is a shining star that lightens someone’s path. If someone has a spectacular gift, they are likely to discover it at a young age. This is the case with Billy Crawford. At the age of three, he found out that he could sing. Since then, he aimed high and has not disappointed his fans in the entertainment industry. What do you know about the life of this artistic singer?

Billy Crawford
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Success in the entertainment industry is measured by the ability to compete relatively with other artists. Life is not a competition, but in the entertainment industry, you outshine others when you produce better work. Billy Crawford has achieved much. In 2003, he won the best male international artist award of NRJ Music. Since then, he has been walking in fame and producing outstanding work for his audience.

Billy Crawford profile summary

  • Full name: Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford
  • Professional name: Billy Crawford
  • Date of birth: 16th May 1982
  • Spouse: Coleen Garcia (2018 to date)
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Net worth: $ 500,000

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Billy Crawford bio

He was born in Manila in the Philippines. Billy Crawford parents are from different nationalities. His mother, Mayette Ledesma, is a Philippinian, and father Jack Crawford is an American. His siblings include two half-brothers. He discovered that he had a talent in music when he was three years old. This was during a bowling alley his mother used to visit. Later, he was a regular on ‘That’s Entertainment’, a GMA Network television show. He used a stage name, Billy Joe.

During his stay in the Philippines, he attended the International Christian Academy. He also acted in a few movies. At the age of 12 years, he moved to the United States. He started his music career before that and performed in France, United Kingdom, and Asia.

He hosted several singing performances and moved to New York. He officially changed his name to Billy Crawford. However, Billy Crawford full name is Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford.

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Billy Crawford age at the moment is 37 years old. Moreover, Billy Crawford height is 1.78m. This among other body features makes him standout in the entertainment industry.

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Billy Crawford dating history

At some point, he dated Nikki Gil. The two were a popular couple, and most people thought they would end up together. Nevertheless, it did not happen. The two had a dramatic break up that affected both of them a lot.

He allegedly dated KC Concepcion while he was a pop star in Europe. In 2005, he started dating Marie Courchinoux, a famous dancer. Photos of the two dominated in social media. There are rumors the two were married but broke up in 2011. When he was young, he dated Lorie Pester and had a relationship for three years.

Currently, he is married to Coleen Garcia, who also works in the entertainment industry. Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia held their wedding on 20th April 2018. The wedding party was at Balesin Island. Billy Crawford wife is a Filipino-Spanish actress and model. She studied at Veritas Parochial School. At the moment she works under the management of ABS-CBN’s in Philippines

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His television career and music

He attended professional performing Arts School in New York City. At the age of 13 years, he performed as Michael Jackson’s backup dancer. He recorded his first album when he was 15 years old.

While he was away in Europe and United States, he still held a connection with Philippines, his birth country. Therefore, after a number of years he returned there for a dance reality show. In 2008, he signed up with ABS-CBN as an exclusive artist. While working with ABS-CBN, he hosted a number of shows. They include It’s Showtime, Your Face Sounds Familiar, and Pilipinas Got Talent.

His music in different continents

The American-Filipino star has succeeded in producing music in different continents. As a teenager, he has performed in the United Kingdom, Asia, and France. Billy Crawford songs are in the numerous albums he has released. The first one was under his name. Others include Ride, Big City, Big City Tour Live, It’s Time, Groove, and Sky Is the Limit. Though, his music is at times confused with The Billy Crawford band that travels singing in different states.

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How successful is he in the entertainment industry?

He has transformed from a child star, a renowned international artist. The fact is he has reached a phenomenal height in his career. Currently, he has produced international music hits. Moreover, he has sold over two millions album records worldwide.

His net worth

Billy Crawford net worth can be estimated to be $500,000. He earns from selling his music albums, acting movies and hosting television shows.

His sobriety

In an Instagram post, he proudly posted about his one-year sobriety. This was during Halloween 2019. He appreciated his lovely wife among other people for her support so far. Moreover, he thanks God since he was no longer using cigars and alcohol. To find him out more you can follow him on Instagram.

He addressed those who have been complaining he is thin due to weight loss. He told them that he was not sick neither was he under any form of medication. Instead, he was just happy and sober. This is because stopping the intake of cigarettes and alcohol has enabled him to live a happier life than before.

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Billy Crawford started being a star before his teenage years. He is among the most successful personalities in the entertainment industry. His life has been endowed with success. Unlike many artists, he focuses on improving himself daily. In 2018, he married the love of his life in a colorful beach wedding. In 2019, he celebrates his sobriety as an excellent achievement that has increased happiness in his life. He discovered his talents when he was a 3-year-old toddle. He followed his dream that made him a star up to 2019.

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