Netizens furious over alleged mockery of a deaf woman by 7-Eleven employees in Makati

Netizens furious over alleged mockery of a deaf woman by 7-Eleven employees in Makati

- An online post about a deaf woman has recently gone viral on social media

- The post shared how the woman was allegedly discriminated in a convenience store in Makati

- The story elicited various reactions from netizens on social media as well

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The story of a 25-year-old, Tricia Evangelista, has been making its rounds on social media after her sister, Jhana Evangelista, recounted how Tricia was allegedly discriminated by the staff members of a convenience store in Makati.

KAMI learned that in the said post, Jhana mentioned that Tricia went to the convenience store at around 5:30 p.m. to buy a Globe prepaid cellphone card.

“On September 4, 2019 around 5:30 pm, my sister went to 7-11 Madrigal Building Makati Branch to purchase a 50php prepaid card. She is Deaf so communicates by typing her order or request on her phone and handing it over to the worker/staff.

“She presented her phone to the 7-11 staff clearly showing this, “Globe card – 50 load”. This cashier lady was giving her a prepaid card worth 500php and started laughing at her. My sister tried to sign insisting that she only needed 50php worth but this lady continued laughing and then joined by another staff.”

According to Jhana, the incident was not poor customer service but plain cruelty and discrimination, “If you ask me, this is not just poor customer service, this is discrimination and plain cruelty. The 7-11 cashier person was clearly taking advantage of my sister as she was being tricked into getting a 500php worth of prepaid card and was laughed at her expense.

“This is probably not the first time that she was discriminated for being Deaf but this incident absolutely made her feel defeated and helpless.”

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The said post garnered reactions and comments from netizens who were furious over the incident.

"This incindent is much worthy to be in a national headlines than those cr incidents..."
"Deaf and mute deserve to be treated with respect. For 7-11 company, on the merit of the complaint against your two employees, you should teach your respective employees about work ethics, whether dealing with healthy persons or with infirmity.. May people concerned look into this matter and let proper disciplinary action be meted out.."
"Most of the service of convenient store, groceries and fast food chain do not have enough expertise when comes to customer service."
"I hope this issue will be address by our political leaders and not the c.r issue of transgender."
"The store personnel of 7-11 all of them needs training about service excellence.c alling on all the Store Managers /Supervisors 7-11 !"

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