Netizens cried foul over Martial law revisionism

Netizens cried foul over Martial law revisionism

A lot of netizens do not want another Marcos in executive power, especially since Senator Bongbong is just as unapologetic as his father.

But some came to defend the era that was described as the darkest of our country.

Twitter user named Pauline Julian has defended the Marcos regime by tweeting conspiracy theories like the planned suicide of Benigno Aquino to give way for his wife to rule the country and the privatization of Meralco for the Cojuangco’s benefits.

Twitter user Clau said that people are biased about history since they looking at only one side of the Martial Law “thingy”.

With these tweets, some were alarmed and used the social media site to raise awareness about Martial Law and the Marcos regime.

But some netizens used their wits and humor to reach out their message to the misguided people about Martial Law.


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