'Glorious' movie 2018 - reviews from fans and critics

'Glorious' movie 2018 - reviews from fans and critics

2018 was a year filled with surprises, some good and some bad. One such surprise was the Glorious movie 2018 reveal. iWantTV released the trailer for the movie on November 4th and it became an instant hit, and it was no surprise. iWantTV Glorious movie trailer got over 5.4 million views in just 22 hours after it was posted on Facebook, confirming that the movie is a hit in Philippines. Let us look into the details of the movie. What makes it such a hit? What kind of reception did the movie get?

Glorious' movie 2018
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The steamy scenes in the Glorious movie is what made more people interested in the film, but the plot synopsis is even more interesting.

Glorious movie 2018; A summary

The Glorious movie directed by Connie Macatuno tackles one of the issues that society has been struggling with over the years. It deals with the May-December relationships. The movie is about two characters that have a passionate and romantic relationship. What made the movie different is the fact that the characters had quite a large age difference, the woman, played by Glorious Angel Aquino is in her 50s while the man, played by Tony Labrusca, is in his 20s. They want to to keep the relationship intact but there is a problem: society does not approve of the relationship. They are being negatively judged by people all around them. Will they keep the relationship going? Or will they succumb to the pressures of society?

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What exactly is captivating about this particular movie?

Glorious' movie
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The movie has some several aspects that really captivated fans;

1. The story

The issues that are brought about in the movie have been considered taboo for quite some time. The issue of older women being romantically involved with men way younger than them is an issue that people never like talking about; but it happens. The movie does not try to bring a new twist or introduce it at some point in the movie, no. The whole movie is set on that particular story line. Looking at the Glorious trailer, viewers got a taste of what the movie was about: intimate and passionate scenes between the two lead actors. The two lead actors’ ability to compose dignified sexuality was something the viewers also appreciate.

2. The concept behind the story

In the Glorious movie, Angel Aquino portrays the image of a not-so-ideal woman in society. It is important to appreciate the fact that there still are these types of women. Her journey is filled with lows, but that does not stop her because she still manages to fall in love. In Glorious, Angel Aquino shows the true image of women; women who fall in love, wives and even mothers going through a lot in life. She portrays the woman as a strong being able to overcome all the challenges thrown her way. She portrays females as empowered beings able to take on anything that comes their way. Women can now talk about their struggles. They want the license to live as they wish, to love who they want.

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3. Culture

In as much as the story went against the conservative nature of the Filipino nation, the film itself showed great appreciation of the Filipino culture. It portrayed a culture so diverse and touched on several elements of the culture and this is arguably one of the reasons that the fans were really connecting to the story. The scenes portrayed what a common Filipino would relate to, the ambiance was perfect for this particular film.

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Glorious movie 2018; What was the reaction?

The movie received a very positive reaction from the fans. There were some aspects of the movie that made people so interested in it.

1. It was a totally new thing in the Philippines

No one had ever attempted to do a film of that nature in the Philippines. One fan would comment,

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"Pervert perspective: so good Art perspective: Magnifico. No one ever did this in Philippine television and movies. Overall, it will break the limitations and cliches in making top quality shows. No more patwitoms and other bullshits. Whoever did this, Bravo."

It seems this film portrays a story that a lot of people relate to. It is only that no one had ever had the courage to show it to people.

2. The movie was intense

From watching the trailer, you get the idea that the movie was not meant to sugarcoat issues. In fact, the movie never introduced a plot twist or any of those other techniques, it was straight to the point. The actors have chemistry that is evident in the entire movie. Viewers seemed to appreciate this.

Other comments given included;

“Tony the Good Son and a Good Man!! Hindi porke may torrid kissing scene ay enaf to say he’s not a good boy.. narrow minded na yan if that’s how your mind works. He’s just portraying the story of the character and beside its camera’s movement of tricks.. we’re in the new technology society.,"

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“Intense love story.. very mature.. both great artist.. walang kyime…"
"Great actors and great story wow"

3. The story was relatable

Love is a real thing and different people fall in love for different reasons. The fact that this movie portrayed the love between an older woman and a younger man demystified the notion that some people had; the notion that you can chose who you love based on age.

Despite positive responses from its fans, the movie still received some criticism:

On YouTube, Vznbdb Hxjjs says, "Porno has just came back!",.. pang private life nlang sana to',"

Lemuel Secretaria says, "Why is it so unfair? When the girl is older than the boy you'll say age doesn't matter but when the boy is older than the girl you'll say its abusing?!"

The Glorious movie 2018 received very positive reviews from the time it was released. It gives the viewers an idea of what people go through in life but are afraid to openly admit. If you have not watched the full movie Glorious, you need to do so. The movie shows us how society has evolved.

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