Vicki Belo reveals 3 beauty secrets that keep women looking young even in their 40s

Vicki Belo reveals 3 beauty secrets that keep women looking young even in their 40s

- Doc Vicki Belo has shared easy beauty tips that could help women stay young-looking even in their 40s

- One of the tips she shared is to lessen the use of moisturizers

- The doctor also revealed the sleeping position that could lessen sagging

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Dr. Vicki Belo is one of the most respected beauty doctors in the country. In fact, many of her patients are celebrities.

KAMI learned that the doctor has shared beauty secrets which may sound unconventional.

According to the doctor, one of the ways that you can keep yourself looking young is to lessen the use of moisturizers.

She said that she doe snot believe in moisturizers because it just makes the skin a little bit smoother but it doesn't really do anything for the face.

Lessen use of moisturizers

"I do not believe in it. I think it is a band-aid. You just make yourself feel a little smoother.

"But it doesn’t do anything for your face," said Doc.

"As your face gets older, your turnover rate of skin cells slows down.

"As a baby, every 21 to 28 days, Scarlet Snow has new skin. It's constantly fresh and young-looking.

"When you are getting into your 35, that's when it begins to show talaga.

"It's makunat na, so you kinda have a little mask of dead skin on your face.

"That's why it looks dry and dull, so people make a mistake of getting moisturizer and massaging it in."

"The more [you put], it's worse, and then you’re getting dead skin."

"Put it on your elbows, put it on your knees. Your body needs it."

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Eat good healthy food

The doctor also stated one should drink plenty of water and eat foods with lots of Omega-3 acids.

"Kimchi is a good way to do it. It's not because it creates collagen, but it does create a good bacterial environment in your gut that helps with the formation of collagen.

"Anything that's fermented is actually good. Then you need your omega-3 fatty acids, your omega-6, so you take your cold-water fishes.

"Hindi puwede bangus, lapu-lapu, tuna. You have to take cold-water fish like salmon, cod. Mas mahal yun."

"Water is the cheapest and best way to keep your body healthy.

"Drink ten glasses of water a day, because if you think about how big our body is and how little we drink, right?

"It’s like a river. Our body becomes stagnant with the dirt and the toxins if we don’t flush it out with water…"

Sleep not later 10:30PM or 11:00PM

According to Doc Vicki, "The way you touch your face," she pointed out.

"If you sleep at night and you are always on your right side, by 40, halata na yung right side is older than your left.

"It's the pressure on one side of the face, so you have to sleep looking up the sky."

Dr. Vicki Belo is the leading beauty doctor in the Philippines. She caters to many patients, mostly celebrities. She is the wife of Dr. Hayden Kho and they have a daughter Scarlet Snow. It was previously reported in KAMI that she is good if Hayden would like to have another baby.

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