Sharon Cuneta on her controversial TV interview about Gabby Concepcion

Sharon Cuneta on her controversial TV interview about Gabby Concepcion

- Sharon Cuneta explained on social media her thoughts and feelings after her TV interview about Gabby Concepcion became controversial

- According to Sharon, she did not expect to be bashed for looking back on her time with Gabby

- She explained that she did not have any negative intention during the interview

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Sharon Cuneta’s interview on ABS-CBN’s “Rated K,” where she broke into tears while reminiscing about her relationship with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion, became controversial.

KAMI learned that Sharon took to social media to open up about the unexpected repercussions of her TV interview.

“I am sorry that I am emotional tonight. If there is one thing I am not, it is fake. And the things you can believe about me are that I am honest and real, still always trying to protect my children though, no matter how hard it may be.

“I don’t know if, learning over four decades to keep what I am truly feeling inside and letting either my laughter or the inevitable tears fall speak for me instead of saying what I wish I could, is something to celebrate or be sad about.

“Tao lang po. I am strong. Very strong. But sometimes we Wonder Women get tired too. I will pray hard tonight because that always works. Tomorrow is another day and I know it will be sunnier for me and those of you like me. God bless you and sleep tight.

“Thank you for loving and understanding me and my being only human after all. If you don’t, and you don’t like me, do you really think, especially at this point, that I am going to make that my problem?

“You know and see not even the whole tip of the iceberg. Just imagine that. I am, after all, still my Dad’s daughter. We keep and hide stuff like this well. I am sorry again, and thank you again with all my heart.

“Tomorrow will be a better day. It always is, praise God. Also, if you are thinking this is about Gabby alone, man you are so wrong.

“P.S. Akala ko ang ganda-ganda ng mga sinabi ko sa interview ni Korina sa akin. Aba may baligtad ang pagkaka-interpret. Nakakalungkot.

“Akala ko makakabuti. Hindi pala. Ang dami pang nangialam sa kabila. Nakakaloka. Akala ko pa naman matotouch siya. Aba mali ang akala ko. Nakakapanghinayang! At nakakaloka.

“Miss Congeniality ang dating ko sa akala ko. Mali na naman. Bahala na si Lord. Basta alam Niya ang lahat ng gusto ko sabihin doon at galing sa puso ko. Walang masamang intensyon. Puro maganda.

“Natapon na naman. Pano ba dapat? Magka-amnesia ako para nganga na lang ako forever walang naaalala? Ang ayos na ginulo pa. That’s not my problem na.

“@concepciongabby @itskcconcepcion @nsyshows @angelsyang @malousantos03 @direk.olivialamasan I TOLD YOU, INANG. Please, Inang...You know na what po di ba?” Sharon posted.

During the interview, Sharon looked back on her relationship with Gabby Concepcion.

The actress even cried while she revealed that she felt insecure after Gabby left her.

There were netizens who bashed her for seemingly not being able to move on from her past relationship.

KAMI is hoping that Sharon would be able to overcome this ordeal!

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