May aaminin! Singer-actor Mark Bautista is set to reveal all in his book "Beyond the Mark"

May aaminin! Singer-actor Mark Bautista is set to reveal all in his book "Beyond the Mark"

- Mark Baustista will reveal something about himself in his book

- "Beyong the Mark" is the book he wrote about his life

- According to the singer he will reveal something about his lovelife

For the very first time, Mark Bautista will share his love life to the public through his self-written book which will be out in a few more days.

In this book, Mark shared apoint in his life which he kept for quite a long time.

PEP received a screengrab of a few pages from Mark's book.

A chapter of it was entitled “FRIENDSHIFT.”

In this chapter, the real score between Mark and a close friend of Mark was revealed.

Mark called it "bromance" and had been intimate with each other.

It happened while they got drunk one night.

His friend together with her girlfriend attended a party in a club.

Mark and his friend avoided each other the whole night until his friend's girlfriend went home ahead.

They were drunk, “We then got so drunk that I ended up going home with him.

“I spent the night in his house and we became intimate.”

The girlfriend learned what happened through their friends.

“This started a huge drama between the three of us. It became a spectacle.”

Though according to Mark they did not do “anything extreme,” people had their own version of the story and judged them.

The intrigue exploded like a bomb but he kept mum, “I kept my silence and allowed myself to be hurt by all the rumors.”

Mark did not try to defend himself so as to protect his friend.

Though he did not mention names, people already had speculations on who he is referring to.

Aside from this issue, Mark shared many experiences and he expect people to know him more through this book.

Mark Arazo Bautista is a Filipino singer, actor and commercial model.

Bautista received his career break when he became a grand finalist on the Philippine reality TV talent search Star for a Night where he placed second behind Sarah Geronimo.

He transferred to GMA Network in 2010.

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