Mas masaya kung mataba! Men with curvy wives are ten times happier, says study

Mas masaya kung mataba! Men with curvy wives are ten times happier, says study

- A foreign study claims that men who marry curvy women are 10 times happier than those with skinny wives

- The findings state that these men are able to solve problems easier

- Bigger-bodied women are also more positive and smile more often said the study

A study conducted by the University of Namibia's Department of Psychology claimed that men who are in a relationship with curvy women tend to be happier in life.

According to The Asian Parent, the researchers believe that a full-figured girlfriend or wife have better survival skills and can easily adapt to life's changes.

These traits help the men solve problems easier, according to the study.

The researchers also concluded that women with bigger bodies have a more positive outlook in life and smile a lot more.

These women also have easier time during reproduction and childbirth, the study said.

But according to The Asian Parent, these findings were based on a limited pool of candidates. Because of this, the findings should not be taken as true for everyone.

The Asian Parent also provided tips on how husbands can help their wives love their body no matter what - because true and lasting love knows no size!

Here are the tips as stated by The Asian Parent:

1. Express your concerns with sensitivity. It helps to remind your wife why you find her desirable. Listen to her and reassure her when needed, especially when she has issues about her body.

2. Avoid "toxic influences". Avoid people who have nothing to say but criticize her weight. Don't be too conscious about yours, either. And avoid criticizing other people's appearances in front of her.

3. Exercise for the right reasons. Put health and working out as a priority. Do it for your own physical well-being as a couple, not as a way to look good.

4. Reassure her with patience. Find a balance between complimenting her and acknowledging her insecurities. Remember that her feelings are valid. And always remind her that you love her no matter what.

KAMI believes that every person is beautiful and should be respected no matter how they look.

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