Darna flew towards erupting Mayon Volcano in stunning video effects teaser

Darna flew towards erupting Mayon Volcano in stunning video effects teaser

- A teaser trailer for the upcoming movie "Darna" was shown during the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival

- Fans got excited again after spotting some scenes in a visual effects reel uploaded recently

- The scenes show Darna getting ready to save a town from an erupting volcano

While the Mayon Volcano is still spewing ash and glowing red lava in real life, fans of the fictional Filipino superhero Darna are getting excited online.

A visual effects company has recently uploaded their reel and it included some scenes in the 2015 teaser trailer of the highly-anticipated movie "Darna".

The scenes showed a war-torn town in the middle of an evacuation. In the background, what looked like the Mayon Volcano is glowing red as it erupts.

Then an unidentified woman dressed in Darna's iconic outfit is seen running towards the chaos.

Watch the effects breakdown in the middle of this video reel.

These scenes were first seen in the 2015 MMFF teaser for the movie "Darna".

The special effects company that released the effects breakdown also has the "Darna" logo as their cover photo.

Some excited fans even reuploaded parts of the reel to highlight the scenes dedicated to "Darna".

Directed by Erik Matti, "Darna" still doesn't have a target release date.

Fans have been waiting for this movie since 2015 when it was first announced that Star Cinema will be making the film.

Back then, no actress has been identified yet to play the legendary role. So the teaser trailer doesn't show Darna's face.

Angel Locsin was supposed to reprise the role she first portrayed on TV in 2005.

But in March 2017, Star Cinema announced with finality that Angel will no longer play Darna.

Angel backed out of the project in 2016 after she suffered spine injury.

But because Angel and Star Cinema wanted her to be Darna, they waited until Angel can recover from her injuries.

Unfortunately, Angel's physical condition prevented her from doing stunt scenes.

In May 2017, it was announced that Liza Soberano will be taking on the role of Darna.

Darna is a comic book character created by Mars Ravelo.

She is a warrior from Planet Marte who hides her identity as the simple human named Narda.

To transform into Darna and fight evil, Narda swallows a tiny meteorite and shouts "Darna!"

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