Alex Gonzaga, di pa nakamove-on kay Kean Cipriano?! ‘ICSYV’ sing-vestigators’ love-hate banter sparks interest over their ‘complicated’ past

Alex Gonzaga, di pa nakamove-on kay Kean Cipriano?! ‘ICSYV’ sing-vestigators’ love-hate banter sparks interest over their ‘complicated’ past

- Kean Cipriano asked Alex Gonzaga to believe him on “I Can See Your Voice”

- Kapamilya TV host told Cipriano, “past is past”

- Fellow “ICSYV” sing-vestigators noticed conversation between Gonzaga and Cipriano always turns personal

In the ABS-CBN mystery music game show franchise, “I Can See Your Voice” PH, many viewers have already took noticed of the awkwardness between sing-vestestigators, Alex Gonzaga and Kean Cipriano.

One tabloid headline even tagged Gonzaga as “bitter-bitteran” over Cipriano, who’s now happily married to actress Chyna Ortaleza.

Based on the video that KAMI obtained from “I Can See Your Voice” PH’s official YouTube channel, Cipriano could be seen explaining himself to Gonzaga. As per the Callalily frontman, Gonzaga always said not to believe Cipriano’s intuitions in choosing between the good and the bad singers.

In the episode published online on Dec. 9, with guest star Jamie Rivera, Cipriano couldn’t help but express his sentiments over Gonzaga’s trust issues on him.

“Yan ang sinasabi nila Alex [Gonzaga] eh,” Cipriano said. “’Huwag kayong maniwala kay Kean… laging mali yan!’ Ano ngayon? Ano ngayon?”

Gonzaga, on the other hand, responded she hasn’t moved on yet. Gonzaga’s statement prompted fellow sing-vestigator Angeline Quinto to ask, “Saan ka pa ‘di nakakamove-on, Alex?”

“Ang problema kasi sa’yo lagi mong sinasabi na huwag maniwala sa’kin,” Cipriano added. “Alex, maniwala ka naman sa’kin minsan.”

The show’s host, Luis Manzano, also noticed their relationship on the show and asked if there are any unresolved issues between them or if there’s something that they want to talk about.

“Baka may hindi pa natatapos na usapan,” Manzano said, prompting Quinto to ask again, “Bakit parang personal na ang usapan nila?”

“Kaya nga eh… napansin ko nga may duro-duro pa eh,” Manzano added.

But Gonzaga finally responded, “I’m so sorry. Hindi na magbabago! Past is past!”

If you could recall, Cipriano once admitted that Gonzaga was his “TOTGA” or the one that got away. But Gonzaga clarified that his relationship with Cipriano was nothing serious.

Gonzaga also said that there’s no awkwardness between them. Meanwhile, Cipriano is already happily married to Chynna Ortaleza and they have a daughter named Stellar.

Gonzaga, on the other hand, is also happy with boyfriend Mikee Morada. Perhaps their love-and-hate banter is just part of the show’s gimmick to keep the program more interesting.

KAMI salutes all "ICSYV" PH staff and crew for keeping the show as interesting and entertaining as possible.


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