Thou Reyes, di apektado sa mga tsismis tungkol sa kanyang kasarian?! Kapamilya actor believes he’s portraying gay roles convincingly

Thou Reyes, di apektado sa mga tsismis tungkol sa kanyang kasarian?! Kapamilya actor believes he’s portraying gay roles convincingly

- Thou Reyes admitted he’s straight despite many speculations surrounding his gender

- Despite being tagged as gay, Kapamilya actor feels flattered when portraying gay roles

- When it comes to his love life, Reyes stressed he’s a “very private person”

Are you familiar with Thou Reyes? If not, perhaps you could remember him as Takong, the much loved character in the 2015 remake of the hit ABS-CBN series, “Pangako Sa’Yo.”

Reyes is known for his effectively convincing portrayal of gay roles.

In an interview that KAMI obtained from, the 32-year-old Kapamilya actor brushed off the speculations surrounding his gender. Since most of the characters he portrays onscreen are gays, many believed that he is also gay.

Another reason that sparks various speculations about Reyes’ gender is his silence when it comes to his personal life, particularly his love life. As a character actor, Reyes said that people will always get curious.

“I think as a character actor, palagi silang curious, to the point na they’re always asking, ‘Are you gay or what?’” Reyes said. “Pero sa akin, my [masculinity] depends on my next role, and it’s mysterious na… kasi mas tumatatak sa tao, isip sila nang isip, e.”

For the actor, he stressed that people should not take it seriously as there are more serious problems in the world. What’s really important for Reyes is that he delivers what is expected of him based on the roles he portrays.

“I think the most important thing kasi, pag sinasabi nila, pag tinanong mo kung bakit nila tinatanong yun, kasi you’re so convincing,” the “Meant to Beh” star added. “And that’s the whole point of my job, to convince people of my role, of that particular role.”

When it comes to his personal life, Reyes emphasized that he’s a very private person. Although he doesn't share much, he managed to stay in the entertainment industry for quite some time now.

With his statement, the publication pointed out that many would assume that he’s indeed gay. But Reyes doesn’t feel alarmed by it.

“They can assume all they want, alam mo yun?” Reyes told PEP during the “Meant to Beh” presscon on Dec. 6. “I wouldn’t mind. I’m doing my job.”

Speaking of his MMFF 2017 movie, Reyes revealed that this time, he won’t be playing a gay character. Instead, he will portray the role of a woman (the female nanny of Baste).

During the presscon, Reyes admitted that playing a female role is different from interpreting a gay character. The Star Magic actor also revealed that it’s his first time to do such portrayal.

As for portraying gay roles, Reyes is flattered that he’s chosen to play such roles. He also felt honored because there are many gay actors yet he was the one chosen.

Reyes also believes that he might have portrayed the roles convincingly. That is why he was given such roles.

As for his love life, Reyes revealed his currently single. He also indirectly confirmed that he’s a straight guy when the press asked him the name of his last lover as he responded, “She’s very private.”

Reyes also admitted that he’s very low profile. He even revealed that he doesn’t look “very approachable” off-cam.

Meanwhile, Reyes is set to appear in the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye, “The Blood Sisters,” along with Erich Gonzales. He will play the character of Dante, one of the suitors of Erich’s three characters.

KAMI applauds Thou Reyes for convincingly portraying gay roles on television and movies.


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