Is Sharon Cuneta’s daughter Miel the perfect Megastar doppelganger? Netizens notice flawless mother-and-daughter resemblance

Is Sharon Cuneta’s daughter Miel the perfect Megastar doppelganger? Netizens notice flawless mother-and-daughter resemblance

- Sharon Cuneta shared exclusive holiday family photos of her children on Instagram

- Miel Pangilinan is the Megastar’s perfect look-alike

- Cuneta warned eldest daughter KC to “better live up” to her name

In recent months, Sharon Cuneta has been making headlines — from rumors about her marriage to her cryptic social media posts. However, it didn't stop the Megastar to share some photos of her children on Instagram.

The said pictures were courtesy of famous photographer Jun de Leon and were part of their family photo shoot. It will be printed on their personal holiday cards and calendars.

Based on the report that KAMI learned from ABS-CBN, the 51-year-old actress shared the photos of her four children — KC (Maria Kristina Cassandra), Frankie (Simone Francesca Emmanuelle), Miel (Mariel Daniella Sophia) and Miguel (Miguel Samuel Mateo).

The photographs were also captioned with her children’s real name and nicknames.

But what the netizens really noticed was the impeccable resemblance of Miel to the Megastar. And even Cuneta couldn’t help herself and commented on her daughter’s looks.

“Miel -- Mariel Daniella Sophia,” Cuneta captioned her Instagram post. “Also known as Yellie, Yeyie, Yellie-bellie, and now as Sophia or Sophie. (Not-so-little girl, alam agad who your Mama is! Parang naulit lang ako. Hahaha!) Swipe left.”

Netizens also got to see Frankie, who’s all grown up now, as well as Cuneta’s adopted son Miguel, who is now 8-years-old. But what has really a more interesting caption in the series of photos that the Kapamilya star shared was the one of KC.

Cuneta appeared to be warning her daughter to live up to the three names for “what or who they stand for.” The Megastar also revealed that the name Cassandra was given by KC’s father, Gabby Concepcion, and when Cuneta is "really upset," she revealed calling KC with her full name.

It was not only Cuneta who shared some snippets of their family photo shoot. In fact, Sen. Pangilinan also shared one candid shot of him and his wife Sharon, all thanks to their son Miguel who reportedly took the photo from an Android phone.

Meanwhile, Sharon Cuneta recently made headlines because of her cryptic messages or posts on social media. Some even assumed that those posts refer to her shaky marriage with Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan.

Cuneta denied the rumors but stressed that she and her husband do not have a “perfect marriage.”

Even though she’s not afraid to talk about her feelings on social media, Cuneta admitted that she’s now more careful when posting her personal thoughts and feelings online. Her reason? They’re exaggeratedly taken out of context most of the time.

KAMI admires Cuneta for being a sweet and caring mom to all her children.


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