True-to-life biruan nauwi ba sa sakitan?! ‘It’s Showtime’ hosts Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario attack Vice Ganda over hilarious personal jokes

True-to-life biruan nauwi ba sa sakitan?! ‘It’s Showtime’ hosts Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario attack Vice Ganda over hilarious personal jokes

- “It’s Showtime” hosts Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario got back at Vice Ganda for revealing their personal obsessions

- Ganda said he had a painful groin after fellow hosts’ “one big fight”

- Ganda hinted that Navarro is addicted to glutathione injections

“It’s Showtime” episode on Dec. 7 certainly became a riot when host Vice Ganda poked fun at Jhong Hilario and Vhong Navarro. Ganda, however, didn’t expect that the boys will get back at him so he ended up with a sore groin.

In the video KAMI obtained from ABS-CBN, Ganda and Navarro were assigned to interview a “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contender. Hilario, on the other hand, was at his usual post beside, the giant gong.

The program, however, took a hilarious turn when Ganda poked fun at Navarro, revealing his obsession with whitening product glutathione. Ganda said, “Eto may kilala ako Anne [Curtis], bago matulog natuturok pa ng gluta sa sarili.”

Co-host Anne Curtis then asked, “Sino kaya yun?” Ganda replied, “Di ko alam. Vhong, nakita mo ba?”

The statement made almost everyone in the audience to burst with laughter. But Ganda’s jokes never stopped there.

In fact, the 41-year-old comedienne even spoofed someone who’s doing glutathione injections. And when Hilario thought he’s safe from Ganda’s epigram, “The Revenger Squad” star diverted his witticism to him.

“Meron naman tayong kilala! Maya’t maya naghihilamos, naliligo pero ang dirty pa din!” Ganda said. Navarro then asked, “Sino yan?”

“Di ko nga alam, tanong mo nga kay Jhong?” Ganda answered. “Okay na yun Jhong kesa gabi-gabi bago matulog…”

Before Ganda finished his statement, Hilario was already after him with the gong’s paddle, prompting Ganda to run. But the award-winning comedienne/host was quick to defend himself, saying he didn’t drop any name.

The two famous Streetboys members, however, attacked Ganda by lifting him on air for several times. Following the attack, Ganda sat on the floor and acted like he had a miscarriage, prompting the audience to laugh evev more.

“Ang sakit! Mga walang-hiya kayo! Na-one big fight ako dun ha,” Ganda told the boys. He then poked fun at the female contestant who couldn't stop laughing over the encounter.

“Ay tawang-tawa ha. Jhong, dito tayo Jhong,” Ganda told the “TNT” contender. “Nasaktan na ‘ko tuwang-tuwa ka pa rin. Halika ka dito [referring to Hilario], ipasok mo sa half-slip.”

“Sasali ka sa contest nakahalf-slip ka?” Ganda asked. “Yung lola ko dati hindi makalabas pag walang patong ang half-slip.”

What made the audience laugh again was when Ganda announced on air that his “hadhad” or abrasions in the groin area was rubbed together, making it more painful. Meanwhile, a half-slip is a type of women’s underskirts or undergarments usually worn with dresses or skirts

KAMI admires the camaraderie and sportsmanship among "It's Showtime" hosts and stars.


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