Sino nga ba si Robin Padilla? Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema shares 5 fascinating facts about life and career

Sino nga ba si Robin Padilla? Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema shares 5 fascinating facts about life and career

- Robin Padilla shared some personal information about himself that the public may not know yet

- Padilla’s real name is Robinhood Ferdinand

- Eva Cariño revealed son Robin is very generous

Following the box-office success of his recent film, “Unexpectedly Yours,” Robin Padilla has continuously graced the headlines of several publications. And in the recent report KAMI obtained from ABS-CBN News, there are 7 things that avid Robin Padilla fans still do not know about their idols.

During Padilla’s recent guest appearance on the hit ABS-CBN morning show, “Magandang Buhay,” the 48-year-old actor revealed some fascinating trivia about his life and career. He even revealed one of his greatest fears.

1. Real Name

Did you know that Padilla’s real name is Robinhood Ferdinand? If not, well, now you know.

According to the “Bad Boy” of the Philippine Cinema, his real name was given by his mother and the priest who baptized him. Padilla also explained that Robinhood actually came from the brand of pomade his father used, while the Ferdinand was taken from the name of a previous Spanish king who became a saint.

2. Lineage

Another interesting fact that Padilla revealed was his Igorot lineage, which is on his maternal side. Even though he was raised in Manila, his family also lived in Baguio, where he was discovered.

Unfortunately, Padilla only stayed in the City of Pines for three years.

3. Secret Passion

Did you have any idea that an action star like Padilla has a secret passion for dancing? Although this quite far from his bad boy reputation, Padilla admitted that he loves dancing, especially street dancing.

Padilla is even familiar with the word — showdown.

4. One of his Greatest Fears

You might not believe it (just like me), but the “Unexpectedly Yours” star is afraid of ghosts. Despite his tough image, Mariel Rodriguez’s husband candidly admitted that ghosts scare him because they’re real and their powers are beyond the humans’ abilities.

“Kasi 'yung nakikita mo, pwede mong awayin, pwede kang lumaban sa nakikita mo,” Padilla explained. “Pero yung multo hindi pa naiimbento ang powers natin doon. At saka totoo sila, totoo sila, nararamdaman ko.”

5. Ultimate Dream

Here’s another fascinating trivia about Padilla’s life and career — Padilla wanted to be an astronaut! Despite being an actor runs in his blood, Padilla shared that entering the entertainment industry was never his dream.

Instead, the space, galaxies and the stars pique his interest more. However, the calling to be actor was what Padilla embraced.

Meanwhile, Padilla revealed that he once played “kontrabida roles.” His mother Eva Cariño, on the other hand, revealed that his son was already “kind and generous even at a young age.”

Because of his generosity and kindness, Padilla even took a homeless person under his care. According to Cariño, Padilla let the person sleep at his dad’s trailer.

KAMI admires Padilla's generosity and kindness in helping the Filipino people.


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