To eat or toss it? Experts warn Filipinos to carefully check food’s expiration date prior to consumption

To eat or toss it? Experts warn Filipinos to carefully check food’s expiration date prior to consumption

- Experts urged consumers to check the expiration date of food products

- Food and Drug Administration explained different types of product labelling

- Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc. stressed that consumers should never take chances on consuming expired food products

The holiday season is just around the corner and a surge of food products in our households is expected. However, experts are urging the consumers to be vigilant when it comes to checking the expiration dates of various food products.

Based on the report KAMI obtained from ABS-CBN News, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation officer Maria Theresa Cerbolles revealed that an administrative order (AO) was released to ensure the safety of the consumers.

The AO is mandating food manufacturers to use “expiration date,” instead of “best before” labels on high-risk food products that are easily spoiled.

According to the FDA, there are various types of food labelling — consumed by, best before or expiration date. However, most consumers don’t thoroughly understand the difference between them.

In the DZMM radio program titled, “Konsyumer ATBP,” Cerbolles explained that “best before” seals are only used on “microbiologically stable” food products or those that are not easily spoiled such as candies and biscuits.

Those foods that have exceeded its “best before” date can still be eaten but quality-wise, they're no longer accepted.

Those that have passed its “expiration dates,” on the other hand, are no longer safe for consumption. Meanwhile, Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc. spokesperson Ricky Salvador also agreed to FDA’s precaution.

Salvador explained that manufacturers should use “expiration date” seals. He also pointed out that there are no extensions when food products have already exceeded its expiration date because the dates are based on the tests they conducted that are submitted to the FDA.

Salvador stressed that consumers should not take any chances and never eat the expired products.

KAMI also urges the consumer to carefully check the labels of the food products, especially this holiday season.


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