Stand up comedian Atak being accused of act of lasciviousness.

Stand up comedian Atak being accused of act of lasciviousness.

KAMI learned from about Ronie Atak Araña facing

Mark Christian Macavinta, 21 yo, a bell attendant at Okada Casino Hotel Manila employee file a case against a stand up comedian/actor Ronie Araña also known as Atak who took advantage of him.

.Ronie Arana is a comedian, seen in a movie and television Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy , Bekikang: Ang nanay kong beki and Dear Uge, Sunday Pinasaya in GMA network.

As per news in Manila Bulletin newspaper last Monday October 23 the casino employee complained and file a case Acts of Lasciviousness to atak , because the comedian quickly close the door upon their entry in one of the complimentary room of the casino hotel and embraced, kissed and grabbed his private part.

He struggled and pushed the comedian and escaped after that he narrated the incident to the security personnel of the hotel and they called the police then police officer came and captured atak.

Police Officer said that Ronie Arana came from the City of Smile, Bacolod and went to Okada Manila to play casino.

The comedian is not in the influence of alcohol in that day.

Atak brought to Parañaque Police Station.

On October 25 Mark Christian Macavinta speak up about the incident through facebook messenger he replied as asked him some information about the incident through facebook.

Mark Christian Macavinta replied:

“First of all, I would like to encourage everyone to stand up and fight for what is right.

“Do not be afraid and always protect your dignity at all times.

“This is a serious matter and some people don't take it seriously and make fun about it,”

“May nakita nga ako while checking the comment section, and sabi niya, ‘Siguro bading yung nagrereklamo, kasi maliit na bagay pinapalaki pa, as if naman my nawala sa kanya’.

“That comment is very alarming and i also fell sorry for that guy na nag comment nun.”

“As you can see, yung generation ngayon, sobrang malala na.

"Normal na lang sa kanila to hug someone, kiss someone, and touch someone's private part without any hesitation, and that kind of mindset should be stopped and should not be tolerated at all.”

“Lumaki ako sa respetadong pamilya, my parents taught me and molded me to be respectful, professional, and act with class at all times...

“All of my family members are professionals and all of them guided me and molded me to be a better and successful person,” Macavinta said.

Mark Christian Macavinta is just proctecting himself and his dignity.


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