Ryan Agoncillo revealed on social media that he has suffered from depression

Ryan Agoncillo revealed on social media that he has suffered from depression

After comedian Joey de Leon made some controversial comments on “Eat Bulaga,” Ryan Agoncillo has admitted that he has experienced depression.

KAMI learned about his revelation from his Instagram page.

According to Ryan, he and some of his loved ones have suffered from depression.

“Good morning. I hope all is well with you and your family. Like you, I’m all too aware of how real depression is.

“Having had to deal with it for a long time now, having lost friends, heroes and even myself to its depths, i know when it rears it’s ugly head, signs aren’t instant but more like quicksand.

“I know it cuts across the board, it knows no age, gender, religion, civil or economic status.”

Ryan also explained why he did not correct Joey when he commented that depression was just made up.

“What unfolded yesterday was a very painful and familiar exchange.

“I’ve heard it at the dinner table, in the car on the way to school and at the office cafeteria, everywhere. the ferocity with which the reaction was released was what made me pay close attention though.

“instead of the tv instincts kicking in for a quick draw reaction, i knew i had to remain quiet and not add to the noise.

“because it is this very noise that pushes the quiet ones further into a corner. it is good we have this avenue for expression, let’s continue to do so.

“it is healthier, thank you for this. mahigpit na yakap para sa iyo at sa mga tahimik.”

Netizens who have also suffered from depression thanked Ryan for speaking out about the illness.

“Your use of the word "quicksand" is spot on because that's really how it feels, like being sucked and drowning in darkness. People need to know that it's not something that you can just snap out of.”

“Hi Ryan. Thank you for the message. I was somewhat part of the quiet ones that you were referring to... I was offended with Joey De Leon’s remarks. Because of that incident, I was able to open up my depression to more people. I shared my condition and a link to my blog on depression using my Facebook account… Like what Joey said, this bitter happening opened up sweet opportunities. Thank you for speaking out and standing up for us.”

KAMI wants to remind you to go to professionals if you experience signs and symptoms of depression!

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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