Chiz Escudero, punched by Grace Poe's husband?

Chiz Escudero, punched by Grace Poe's husband?

A few days ago, rumors broke out that Grace Poe’s husband, Neil Llamanzares punched the vice presidential candidate Chiz Escudero.

 With the recent controversy on Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s alleged BPI bank accounts, here comes a new issue that may take a punch on Grace Poe’s campaign arising from missing funds.

Speechwriter, TV host, and journalist Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. tweeted a hearsay regarding a mano a mano issue on Poe’s camp. According to him, he “heard someone in the Poe camp boxed someone in the Poe camp.” The reason for this is because of “a missing P300 million.” We are taking his advice and we are indeed looking out “for a black eye.”

Esteemed host Karen Davila perfectly sums up our reaction to this rumor.

Locsin replied with a cryptic comment on her reaction.

With these mysterious tweets, Netizens have pitched in their answers. Some have related the issue to Duterte because the man can be expected to execute swift justice to the face, while some related it to senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s recent issue of someone bribing her with the same amount of P300 million. Netizens have then pinpointed that it may have been Grace Poe’s husband, Neil Llamanzares and Vice Presidential candidate senator Chiz Escudero. According to some reports, Grace Poe laughed off the issue. “Naghahanap na naman kayo ng kwento na exciting sa kampanya na ito,” senator Poe joked. (You’re just looking for another exciting story in this campaign.) She also defended her running mate: “Sabi ni Senator Chiz, kung totoo daw yun e di sigurado marami na daw pasa yung kalaban nya. Hindi po totoo, baligtad po, sya ang maraming pasa.” (According to Senator Chiz, if it were true, for sure his opponent would have lots of bruises.) Locsin wants to know more about this issue and he is looking for a police report if the said incident truly happened.

We’re still waiting if the said knockout between the two did occur.




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