6 Pinay celebs that stood strong after being cheated on

6 Pinay celebs that stood strong after being cheated on

- Filipina celebrity couples are what we look up to in showbiz

- Sometimes, things don’t work out well

- Find out which Filipina celebs came out stronger after their relationship

KAMI brings you a list to give you hope!

We bring you six Filipina celebrities who were once in a relationship but went through a painful breakup. These lovely ladies came out strong after their partners cheated and allegedly had an affair with a third party.

1. Karylle Tatlong-Hari

- Karylle and DingDong Dantes were once a couple appearing in many shows in GMA Network. It was rumored that they broke up when Marian Rivera entered the picture. Now she is currently married to singer-actor Yael Yuzon.

2. Ciara Sotto

- Ciara is now an empowered woman who juggles being an actress, an entrepreneur, and a mom. She was once married to Jojo Oconer and they separated because of an alleged affair.

3. Nikki Valdez

- Nikki was once married to Filipino-Canadian Christoph Lina. They got married in 2007 but separated after confirming that their was a third party involved.

4. Tricia Centenera

- It wasn’t confirmed what truly happened with her and Gab Valenciano. She simply tweeted a cryptic message saying that she doesn’t “tolerate” people who cheat.

5. Sunshine Cruz

- Sunshine had to go through so much trouble in filing an annulment against Cesar Montano. Up to this day, the two aren’t in good terms. Despite this, Sunshine kept her head held high and continued to become a strong mother for her three daughters.

6. Sunshine Dizon

- Sunshine brings forth light to the dark days she has been through. Her husband cheating on him with a woman in the same building where she and their kids live is a truly wrong thing to do. Despite this, she has become a pillar of strength for her entire family.

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