'Gimik' star Bojo Molina finds success and happiness in Guam

'Gimik' star Bojo Molina finds success and happiness in Guam

- Bojo Molina is best known for playing Brian Lorenzo on the hit show “Gimik”

- He now lives in Guam with his wife and two children

- He also has a successful career, which is still somehow connected to showbiz

Do you still remember Bojo Molina? The 90s actor now has a happy family life and a successful career in Guam! Check out the other details of his life today.

KAMI learned about his current life from a video of Pinoy Showbiz Latest and his interview with Ricky Lo on Philippine Star.

Bojo Molina and Mylene Dizon

Bojo is best known for playing Brian Lorenzo on the hit show “Gimik.”

He was a Kapamilya actor whose love team partner was Mylene Dizon.

The former actor went to Guam and married Jen Kwe Punongbayan in 2002.

They have two kids – one son and one daughter.

Photo from Bojo Molina's Facebook

In his interview with Lo, he described his family life and day-to-day activities.

“Very good. I’m very blessed. You have just seen my family. My kids are very healthy. And my wife is, well, you have seen how she is…

“I start my day by jogging and then I drive my kids to school and my wife to work. Then I go to work in the afternoon. After work, I pick them up, we have dinner together, and that’s it. Very regular. Very routine. Simple lang,” Bojo said.

Photo from Bojo Molina's Facebook

His wife Jen also described him as a very good husband and father.

“As a husband, he’s very good. As a father, he’s just as good. As a couple, we do have our ups and downs but we have a way of ironing things out amicably,” Jen told Lo.

As for his career, Bojo works for Red Dragon Production / Agency at Sorensen Media Group as a marketing director for 17 theaters in Guam.

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