Wendy Valdez’s son successfully underwent life-threatening surgery

Wendy Valdez’s son successfully underwent life-threatening surgery

- Wendy Valdez-Garcia was a former contestant from PBB

- Recently, her baby had health problems that needed surgery

- Now, her son has came out okay after it

KAMI found out that Wendy Valdez-Garcia’s baby has recently undergone surgery.

The former Pinoy Big Brother contestant married Normann Garcia and had their first baby. Unfortunately they suffered a miscarriage.

Now, their second child is named Emmanuel Seth Garcia.

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He was born last June 11 but something was wrong.

A few days ago, poor Seth needed to have surgery because he had a lesion on his back and a cyst that had to be removed.

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She gave an update to her followers just a few hours ago saying that her son Sethy is fine and recovering.

Wendy said: “We didn't realize how big his cyst was until we saw the photos shown to us by his neuro surgeon. It was difficult for me to pray out loud for him this morning because I can't help but cry.”

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Finally, she thanked everyone who prayed for their family. Just look at baby Seth sleeping soundly in the arms of her mother.

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