Partner of Pia Wurtzbach's father slams the beauty queen for the 2nd time

Partner of Pia Wurtzbach's father slams the beauty queen for the 2nd time

- Robie Asingua has once again posted on Facebook to accuse Pia Wurtzbach of being a liar

- Robie is the partner of Pia’s late German father

- She also has an accusation against Pia’s mom

Robie Asingua, the partner of Pia Wurtzbach’s late German father Uwe Wurtzbach, has once again slammed the beauty queen and accused her of lying to the public.

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KAMI learned about Robie’s new set of posts from her personal Facebook page.

For the second time, Robie accused Pia of lying about her German father on her “Maalaala Mo Kaya” episode, which showed Uwe as a womanizer and someone who asked Pia for money.

Photo from Robie Asingua's Facebook

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Robie added that Uwe left Pia’s mom because she had an affair with another man.

She also challenged the beauty queen to have a face-to-face live interview with her so that the public would know who is really telling the truth.

Robie also challenged Pia to show evidence that she and Uwe asked her to give them money.

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Here is her full viral post:


Who do you believe in this conflict? Pia Wurtzbach or her late dad’s partner?

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