True love exist in any ages! Read the story of this 31 year old man dating a 90 year old woman!

True love exist in any ages! Read the story of this 31 year old man dating a 90 year old woman!

- Kyle Jones (31) is dating Marjorie McCool (91)

- The two met back in 2009 while Marjorie was working in a library where Kyle asked her out

- Their relationship isn’t exclusive but they keep ‘amazing’ each other

They say age doesn’t matter in love and that’s what this couple is trying to prove to everyone.

31-year old Kyle Jones is dating 91-year old Marjorie McCool.

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31-year old guy dates this 91-year old woman
Kyle and Marjorie have been dating since 2009. (Photo credit: YouTube)

Yes, you read that right. The difference in their age isn’t merely a 5 to 10 year gap, but an astounding 60 years. You could practically say that Kyle is having his grandmother for a girlfriend.

There might be a lot who doubt the sincerity of their relationship, but the two assured that it was not the case.

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In her defense, Marjorie clarified that she’s not ‘rich’ nor does she have any remarkable inheritance which Kyle could be allegedly after.

As for the latter, he simply admits that he’s into everything Marjorie is: wrinkles and platinum hair.

KAMI learned from the Huffington Post that the two met back in 2009 in the library where Marjorie works. Kyle saw her, took an interest, asked for her number, and the rest was history.

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That event marked the end of Marjorie’s 37 years of being single after separating from her ex-husband whom she shares six children with.

As unbelievable as things already are, both revealed that their relationship isn’t exclusive. Marjorie even confessed that she felt insecure of Kyle’s other women at the beginning, but slowly adapted to the situation.

“He keeps coming back to me and tells me I’m the best,” she said.

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