Bullied Pinay cosplayer's reponse over humiliating comment went viral!

Bullied Pinay cosplayer's reponse over humiliating comment went viral!

- A Pinay cosplayer went viral when a netizen left a suggestive comment on her profile picture

- She shared her encounter with the netizen, who attacked her when she blocked him from her Facebook account

- She also revealed that the netizen used other accounts to back his argument and ruin her image

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Costume play, otherwise known by its contraction cosplay, has become an art form for others.

It is not an easy feat to give life to characters, fictional they are or not, since there are instances that it is not just their physical features one must imbibe.

A female netizen, whose recent profile picture is a character she has cosplayed, got the attention of a troll.

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Although he did not point out what he meant by his comment, others can already insinuate that he is referring to her chest.

This has led her to block him, although she had just accepted his friend request, and then things get ugly.

It is best that we let her tell her story, which she was able to compile in one album. We have attached it below for your perusal.

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Sadly, women still get catcalled online despite their right to express themselves in what they want to wear.

The age-old debate continues in the comments section of the post: ‘If you didn’t wear that, then you won’t get called out.’

What do you think of that statement most men reason to women who get catcalled? Do you agree with them or you think otherwise? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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