Con man Myles Uy Tan faces various charges in jail and can't afford a decent lawyer to defense him

Con man Myles Uy Tan faces various charges in jail and can't afford a decent lawyer to defense him

Justice has prevailed! Con man Myles Uy Tan is finally behind bars thanks to the combined efforts of the women that fell victim to his modus operandi.

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According to Facebook user Filo Mena, who claimed to represent the victims of Tan, the suspect is currently in a police station in Mandaluyong City facing various charges. His bail has been set for 60,000 pesos.

Tan is facing bigamy, robbery extortion, and qualified theft charges. When asked whether the victims have spoken to Tan’s lawyers, Filo Mena said that Tan has not been seen with a lawyer yet, so he may be provided with one from the Public Attorney’s Office.

She added that the total amount Tan got from the ladies is over 400,000 pesos worth of money, gadgets, jewelry, and bags. The victims also has no plans to settle with Tan’s partner, who is also facing estafa charges.

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Tan has committed an unforgivable crime of playing with women’s hearts and robbed them of money and expensive items, while the women trust him. When the women started to suspect Tan, he will leave them and even say things behind their backs.

Hiding behind a number of aliases, Myles Uy Tan made women fall in love with him. Not just any women, but successful women, especially single mothers. Some of the women remained anonymous as they are reportedly from prominent background.

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He courted them and made their families and kids like him. Slowly, he managed to open the hearts of women and made them fall.

Then he started asking money for work, gas, and other things. Some women shared that he also asked for funds to put up a business allegedly for their future together.

Trusting women, of course, supported Tan and gave him everything he needs. After all, they were promised with love and forever.

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