6 local singers with distinguishable voices we always copy

6 local singers with distinguishable voices we always copy

The Philippines has produced some of the best singers in the world, but some have become iconic in our local shores.

Why they have reached such status is that their voice is completely unique - close your eyes and you'll know it's them who's singing.

Out of all the notable singers in the country, here are our top six picks that we know on first listen and love to copy.

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1. Regine Velasquez

There is no doubt about the singing prowess of Asia's Songbird. Not only is she copied for her voice, but she is also copied as a whole thanks to her gay fans.

2. Janno Gibbs

Male singers have tried to imitate how smooth his voice is, but there is only one Philippine King of Soul.

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3. Jaya

The Philippines' Soul Diva is already an obvious choice for this list - most of us have probably attempted to copy her voice during our karaoke sessions.

4. Vina Morales

In the same vein as Jaya is the Kapamilya singer/actress, who has made the theme song of 'Pangako Sa'yo' as her own.

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5. Jessa Zaragoza

Another easily recognizable voice is the Phenomenal Diva, who rose to fame with her 1997 hit 'Bakit Pa?'. I'm sure all of us have memorized and sang the song without a karaoke machine!

6. Gary Valenciano

Aside from his wicked dance moves, Mr. Pure Energy also has a voice that most would also love to have. Lately, everyone has been covering 'Wag Ka Nang Umiyak', which is the theme song of 'FPJ's Ang Probinsyano'.

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Have we missed other iconic Pinoy or Pinay singers with really distinct voices?

If we did, please let us know in the comments and maybe we can write another article about it!

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6 local singers with distinguishable voices we always copy

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