Pinoy student in Davao looks exactly like Jose Rizal

Pinoy student in Davao looks exactly like Jose Rizal

- A photo of a student in Davao City posing beside a portrait of Jose Rizal has gone viral

- The image went viral because the student and Rizal look very much alike

- Jessica Soho interviewed the student about his viral picture

A 20-year-old male student in Davao City who looks exactly like Jose Rizal has become a viral sensation after his picture beside the national hero surfaced online.

Pinoy student in Davao looks exactly like Jose Rizal (Photo from Filipino Vines' Facebook page)

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According to a report from “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” the Rizal look-alike is Jeremy Malupa, a student at the University of Southeastern Philippines.

After the recent earthquake in Davao City, Malupa and his classmates went to the library to study for their exam.

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But when they saw a large portrait of the national hero, Malupa’s classmates decided to fix his hair and take his picture beside the image because of their physical similarities.

Malupa also revealed to Jessica Soho that he had already played Jose Rizal in two stage plays in his school.

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Many netizens were both amazed and amused by the viral photo.

“Hindi pala si McArthur ang nagsabi ng ‘I shall return,’ si Jose Rizal pala,” a netizen posted.

(It turns out that it was not McArthur who said “I shall return,” it was Jose Rizal.)

Start the viral video at the 14-minute mark to check out his story!

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