Here are the names of 9 Pinoy celebrities who love cats as their pet friend

Here are the names of 9 Pinoy celebrities who love cats as their pet friend

- Filipino celebrities tend to favor having dogs as pets

- Only a few have pets other than dogs

- These stars are different because they are cat lovers

In the Philippines, kids usually ask for dogs as pets. Whether it be a pure-bred or a stray dog, Filipinos somehow have a liking to them more than other kinds of pets.

These Pinoy celebrities, however, show that they love their feline friends.

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1. Janella Salvador

The teen star has a few cats and kittens along with dogs as well. Here's one of her cats named Eye-moe (named after Elmo, her onscreen partner).

2. Chito Miranda and Neri Naig

Chito and Neri have a cute fluffy chubby cat. They also have a few other dogs in their house.

3. Arci Munoz

Arci's white cat has heterochromia, which means its eyes have two different colors.

4. Jodi Sta. Maria

Jodi has a few cats of her own but she enjoys going to cat cafes to see other cute cats.

5. Sandara Park

Our favorite Korean-Pinay pop star has a clingy cat. Due to her busy schedule and travels, her siblings take care of her cats from time to time.

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6. Anne Curtis

Anne has four dogs and a grumpy-faced cat named Mogwai.

7. Coleen Garcia

Boyfriend Billy Crawford got Coleen this sphynx cat named Anya.

8. Megan Young

Megan has three cats, Flarff, Kira, and Salem.

9. Xian Lim

Hunky actor Xian's cat family keeps on growing.

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