Peppa Pig turns into delicious chicharon

Peppa Pig turns into delicious chicharon

- A Facebook user shared a sad post showing Peppa Pig, turning into a special chicharon

- Facebook user John Snow uploaded a photo of a special chicharon called 'Peppa Pig'

- The post gained more than 12K shares and was flooded with comments from netizens

No kid or mom would argue that Peppa Pig is just the most famous pig.

Peppa has been in every child's best television and YouTube sessions and has always been present during playtime in the form of toys. However, netizens were shocked when the ever so adorable cartoon character turned into a special chicharon.

Peppa Pig chicharon (Photo from

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A Facebook user named John Snow posted a photo of a special chicharon called 'Peppa Pig' from Tanauan City Batangas. The post immediately drew attention from Peppa-loving netizens and some were 'saddened' with what happened to the adorable pig.

One Facebook user said:

"Alam kong nakakalungkot nakakaiyak pero kelangan nya na talagang mawala..."

Another netizen wrote:

"Si peppa pig deads na. Kawawa naman si Yanna."

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One user even thinks that the whole family will be next:

"Sunod si daddy pig, si george at si mommy pig."

The post already gained more than 9K reactions with more than 14K shares on Facebook.


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