Pinoys get into fist fight after playing DotA computer game

Pinoys get into fist fight after playing DotA computer game

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video contains themes and images that may not be suitable for minors. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

An intense fist fight video has gone viral, showing two Filipino men throwing wild punches at each other after playing an intense game at a computer shop.

Pinoys get into fist fight after playing DotA computer game (Photo: YouTube)

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According to the netizen who shared the video, the two combatants were playing Dota (Defense of the Ancients) before the fist fight.

The video shows the two men facing off, with the one in the sleeveless top throwing the first punch but missing.

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The first half of the fight was dominated by the man in the t-shirt but his opponent bounced back during the second half of the fight.

One of the bystanders can also be heard throughout the video saying that the fight should not be stopped by anyone.

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Fortunately, another eyewitness intervened and stopped the fight as the crowd watching the brawl was already getting bigger.

Many netizens slammed the men for their violent behavior in public.

“Worth it ba na magsakitan at ipahiya ang sarili dahil lang nagka asaran sa dota? Mahirap talaga maadik sa computer games kasi nasisiraan ng bait,” a concerned netizen said.

(Is it worth it to hurt each other and embarrass oneself just because you got angry while playing Dota? It is really difficult to get addicted to computer games because you might also lose your mind.)

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