Tulfo panics after Pinay reenacts daughter's choking incident

Tulfo panics after Pinay reenacts daughter's choking incident

- An episode of Raffy Tulfo’s show has gone viral

- The episode shows a mother re-enacting how her daughter was choked by a man

- Due to the realistic nature of the re-enactment, Tulfo panicked and told the mother to stop choking her daughter

A video of a mother violently re-enacting how a man choked her daughter on live TV has gone viral, with many netizens finding the incident both shocking and hilarious.

Tulfo panics after Pinay reenacts daughter's choking incident (Photo: Facebook)

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The incident took place during a TV show hosted by Raffy Tulfo on TV5.

During the show, the mother showed Tulfo and the audience how a man tried to choke her daughter by re-enacting the incident in a realistic manner.

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After noticing that the re-enactment was getting too realistic, Tulfo panicked and immediately told the mother to stop her demonstration.

The host can then be seen smiling and trying to stop himself from crying while the daughter was visibly shocked by what her mother did to her on live TV.

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Many netizens commented that they found the video funny and amusing.

Natrauma na yung anak niya dahil sinakal ng lalake, lalo matrauma dahil sinakal ng nanay habang nasa TV,” a netizen pointed out.

(The daughter was already traumatized because a man tried to choke him but she will be even more traumatized after her mom choked her on TV.)

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