Pinoy thief snatches phone from girl in jeepney and runs away

Pinoy thief snatches phone from girl in jeepney and runs away

- A dashcam footage of a snatching incident in Manila went viral

- The footage shows a snatcher stealing a phone from a jeepney passenger during a traffic jam

- Unfortunately, the snatcher was able to escape

A dashcam footage has gone viral, showing a sneaky Pinoy snatcher stealing a smartphone from a shocked female jeepney passenger in the streets of Manila.

Pinoy thief in Manila snatches phone from girl in jeepney (Photo: YouTube / MAC Boyet)

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The video shows the female passenger using her phone while sitting near the entrance of the jeepney during a traffic jam.

A few seconds later, the thief arrives at the scene, walks behind the girl, and snatches away the phone through the open window of the jeepney.

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He then ran away as fast as he could as the girl could only look on and scream.

According to the netizen who shared the video, the bystanders did nothing to apprehend the snatcher.

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“As I was driving with my dashboard camera on, I noticed a young guy lurking around in the streets... He found his next victim, a young vulnerable female boarding a jeepney… Bystanders were shocked and weren't able to help as if nothing happens,” the netizen narrated.

Many netizens urged Filipino commuters to avoid using their phone or displaying their jewelry when riding jeepneys, buses, trains and pedicabs.

“Rule na yan sa Pinas, di ka pwede mag celfone sa PUV. Ang dami palaging umaaligid na naghahanap ng bibiktimahin,” a netizen explained.

(That is an unwritten rule in the Philippines: you cannot user your cell phone in a public utility vehicle. There are many thieves roaming around looking for people to victimize.)

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Pinoy thief snatches phone from girl in jeepney and runs away
Pinoy thief snatches phone from girl in jeepney and runs away

Check out another video below!

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