There is a special place in hell for women who sleep with married men!

There is a special place in hell for women who sleep with married men!

"Not a single woman has rights on someone’s else man, especially a married one, just because she wants him."

Here is the way an emotional letter starts. It makes us think why we, women, must support each other.


"Before I move to explaining my point of view, I would like to confess: I did sleep with married men. For the first time, this happened when I was living in Paris. We got acquainted in a bar and went to my home. In a few hours, he told that must leave to his wife. I even can’t explain how shocked I was at that moment. He explained that “playing away” from time to time was normal for him and his wife. But this wasn’t normal for me! No matter how hard I tried to confess myself that this happened because of cultural differences and that many people do practice open relationship, I still felt myself awful. How could I act like this with another woman? I was blaming myself for several months.

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And then this happened again. I saw a guy with whom I had a fleeting intrigue walking hand-in-hand with his daughter and wife. Everything rolled inside my soul. My conscience didn’t let me breathe calmly. Of course, I did understand that I was not the first and the last with whom these men were unfaithful to their wives. I understood that this was not my fault. But this didn’t reduce my inner laceration.

In a few years I appeared to be on the other side of the treason. I was the wife to whom husband was unfaithful with the girl 28 years younger. This girl settled in our flat in Paris a few weeks after I returned to the USA. My husband was to settle all matters up and come to me during the following weeks.

The lover not only slept with my husband but also fell in love with him. She loved him long before she seduced him, and was really waiting for this opportunity. What did she say to explain herself? She loved him, and this allowed her to fight for her love.

But the world is build in another way, girl. You don’t have the right to do everything you want only because you need this! Feminism was created for the reason. We still live at times when in reality the rights of men and women are not equal. That is why it is important for us, women, to be the support for each other instead of drowning each other and taking the most precious we have. Is it that hard — simply not to sleep with a man who belongs to another woman?

Of course, I don’t belittle the guilt of men in treason, but I’m sure that for lovers who consciously sleep with married men there is a special place in hell. You are egoists who don’t do anything good for the world, and only bring pain to other people while you do have a choice.

I don’t know whether this place looks like in the work of Dante, but it surely will not be pleasant. But long before this moment, karma will reach you for sure."


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