Angry woman caught on video beating up helpless female neighbor

Angry woman caught on video beating up helpless female neighbor

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video contains themes and images that are not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

A violent video clip has gone viral, showing an angry Filipina brutally assaulting her helpless female neighbor in front of their other neighbors.

Pinay caught on video beating up female neighbor (Photo: YouTube Tris Tan)

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The video begins in the middle of the fight, with one woman lying on the ground and her enemy on top of her.

The two women were shouting at each other when the woman on top began to pull her enemy’s hair and throw vicious punches at her.

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The woman on the ground tried to fight back, but the aggression and superior positioning of her opponent were able to overwhelm her.

Unfortunately, the neighbors did nothing to stop the violent street fight.

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Many netizens slammed the neighbors for refusing to intervene.

“Mukhang nag eenjoy pa yung mga kapitbahay sa bugbugan ng dalawang babae. Dapat inawat yan kaagad kasi parang gusto ng pataying ng babae yung kaaway niya,” a concerned netizen said.

(The neighbors seemed to be enjoying the brawl between the two women. They should have intervened because the woman seemed to have a murderous intent against her enemy.)

Other netizens also urged the public to talk their issues out and to not engage in violence when having disagreements and misunderstandings with each other.

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