Sofia Andres cheats on IG feed goals by grabbing netizen's photo

Sofia Andres cheats on IG feed goals by grabbing netizen's photo

- Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres is known for her impeccable Instagram feed

- She was called out by a netizen who claimed that she used her photo in one of her recent posts on the social media app

- Sofia has since deleted the photo, but some netizens poked fun at her in the comments section of the netizen's original photo

As we live in a world where technology has made it easier for us to do everything, it cannot be helped that we are attached to our gadgets as much as we are hooked on the Internet.

Social media has made some of us obsessed on making our lives look perfect, editing photos in a certain way to match the aesthetic that we want to achieve in life.

Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres is known for her flawless Instagram feed, which is a perfect mix of work, travel, selfies, and flat lays of her food or make-up.

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However, she was called out by a netizen when she posted a stunning picture of white roses recently.

This netizen, who goes by the username @amabombshell, simply commented that she was using her photo.

The image that Sofia apparently stole from a netizen.

Fashion Pulis was able to capture this netizen's moment before Sofia took down the post.

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What @amabombshell pointed out was correct - the photo is indeed hers if you check out her Instagram account.

There were some netizens who still clarified about the photo in the comments section, which she answered bluntly.

Netizens verifying on the original photo.

However, there were also some who decided to make fun of Sofia's mistake, commenting that she had to resort to stealing one's photo in order to retain her Instagram feed goals.

Other netizens laughed about Sofia's blunder.

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It is only normal that we want to show only the good things in our life, more so in beautiful photos worthy to be included in a magazine or coffee table book.

However, that does not always work in real life since there are more important things to do than to curate our image. Unless you have all the time in the world, then free to do so without hurting anybody.

Although Sofia is not fairly new to the business, she is one of her network's prettiests stars. She is in the same league as Liza Soberano, who never fails to turn heads wherever she goes.

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Sofia Andres cheats on IG feed goals by grabbing netizen's photo


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