6 times Dawn Zulueta is living her life to the fullest even in her 40s

6 times Dawn Zulueta is living her life to the fullest even in her 40s

- Dawn Zulueta is a well-rounded actress who serves as a role model for a lot people

- Even though she already turned 47 this year, she doesn’t let her age stop her from experiencing the best things

- Here are 7 times she inspired you to live a life like hers

What’s really the right age to make the most out of your youth? Is it in your 20s or your 30s? But what if you were too busy working hard to provide your family, did you already miss your chance?

Don’t worry, you haven’t!

Take it from the actress who looks like she never ages, Dawn Zulueta! When she’s not acting in front of the cameras, she’s a loyal wife to her doting husband and a loving mother to her two children.

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It even look like she has mastered the art of balancing priorities without neglecting others. She can always go back to acting and spend quality time with her loved ones.

Here are 6 times you want to live the same life as her in your 40s!

1. Their family gatherings aren’t as dreadful and they celebrate it with style

For some of us, the thought of seeing your relatives after a long time isn’t as exciting. But take it from Dawn that it’s better to change that attitude as soon as you can! During Thanksgiving, their family gathered for a simple meal and posed with a dab.

2. She still has the time for some old-fashioned girl talk

Her close friends, just like her, are devoted wives by now. However, it wasn’t a reason for them to not take an hour or two to still see each other. Here she is with some familiar faces including Gelli de Belen and Lorna Tolentino.

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3. Dawn makes an effort to be the best version of herself

No matter how busy she gets, Dawn takes care of her skin and her body. You would even have a hard time guessing what her age is! There’s nothing wrong in making sure you’re well-groomed throughout the day.

4. She’s into outdoor activities just like the youngsters in her family

Dawn is truly an example of what a cool mom is. Instead of just waiting for the kids in the family to finish playing paint ball, she joined in the fun! A little exercise while having fun doesn’t hurt anyone.

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5. She’s always down to get some glam

During the Star Magic Ball this year, she managed to steal the attention from the guests younger than her. She also took the time to thank her glam team who perfected her classy look. As for her handsome date, of course it’s her loving husband Antonio Lagdameo.

6. Dawn has been and will always be a jetsetter

Why travel alone when you can travel around Europe with your loved one? Dawn and her husband flew to Europe which they happily shared with everyone.

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Upon returning to acting, Dawn was immediately paired with her former lover, Richard Gomez.

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