Elephant shoves trunk under woman's skirt

Elephant shoves trunk under woman's skirt

Animals are sometimes fascinating creatures. Those with pets or people who spend a lot of times around animals can attest to the fact that their behaviour can be pretty interesting or even funny sometimes.

A female tourist who made friends with an elephant suddenly realised that the animal has much more on its mind when it decided to really show its affection for her.

She was petting the large animal when it suddenly decided it wanted more. In one surprising move, it shoved its trunk underneath her skirt, a satisfied look on its face.


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The tourist’s expression which is a combination of shock and excitement was truly priceless.

The picture, which was posted on Reddit had gathered thousands of comments.

Most commenters found the hilarity in the photo with one saying, “That girl is obviously enjoying herself waaaay too much.…” Some poked fun at the elephant’s action. Someone said, “He’s trying to figure out where that smell of decaying fish is coming from,” and another said, “She wants the T.”

It was certainly a cause for laughs. What was the craziest thing an animal has ever done to you or around you.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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