Kim Chiu rude to media who want a picture. Let's remind how it was.

Kim Chiu rude to media who want a picture. Let's remind how it was.

- Actress Kim Chiu was utterly rude to media in Cebu who cover All Saints Day

- Kim Chiu reportedly ignored the reporter’s request for a photo at their family mausoleum

- Kim Chiu’s image is sweet and innocent and the reporter was shocked on rude behaviour

Netizens would not believe that behind Kim Chiu’s sweet and innocent face is a rude persona.

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Kim spent All Saints Day in her hometown in Cebu and visited the family mausoleum in Cebu Memorial Park. Being a celebrity, she was hunted by the media reporting on what celebrities are doing during the celebration and while visiting their departed relatives.

The reporter then asked Kim for a photo as part of the coverage and will be published in Cebu Daily News. The reporter asked Kim Chiu’s entourage and family politely, but the actress declined, although other celebrities had no qualms on having their photo taken.

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After Kim’s companion whispered CDN’s request, the actress smirked. Then, Kim’s aide said that the reporter may grab the actress’ photo from Instagram. Kim reportedly ignored the media and called her father and sister to take a selfie at the mausoleum.

The reporter said that Kim Chiu, who appeared sweet on TV, was utterly rude to the media.

While visiting the dead is a private time for most of us, celebrities cannot expect the same privacy as common folk are interested on what they are doing at such time.

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